19 Nocturne Boulevard

2008 - to date.


Not all episodes are horror - they range from horror to scifi, from humor to fantasy, from mystery to dark social commentary. They include both original stories and adaptations of classic works. There are also two serials (Bingo the Birthday Clown and The Deadeye Kid, which alternate on Tuesdays with 10-minute episodes). The series is produced, written and directed by Julie Hoverson. Original music by Kevin MacLeod. The host is "Olivia", who speaks with a dark, sultry voice.

A Standard Intro:

(Music: Up, fades to background.)

ANNOUNCER: "19 Nocturne Boulevard."

CABBIE: "Nocturne Boulevard? Not far. When you hit Howard, hang a right. Howard meets Phillip at a weird kind of angle, then you cross James and Poe. You can't miss Nocturne - it's just past the automat."

ANNOUNCER: "19 Nocturne Boulevard, your address for suspenseful stories of the speculative, strange, and supernatural. Tonight's story is ___________________________."


OLIVIA: "Yes. This is 19 Nocturne Boulevard, won't you step inside?"


OLIVIA: "Did you have any trouble finding it? What do you mean, what kind of a place is it? Why, it's a __________________, can't you tell? Where else would you find _______________?"


The Standard Closing:

OLIVIA: "Now that you know how to find us, don't be a stranger - we have enough of those already..."

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