Dead of Night


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The Standard Intro:

(SFX: clock chimes seven times)

Announcer: "Turn off the lights, and lock your doors. It's The Dead of Night!"


A Typical Opening Narration:

(Music: Eerie background music)

Announcer: "Welcome to 1723 Vincent street. It's hard to believe looking at it now, but this used to be a beautiful home.. Until that infamous night in 1989, the night Roger Bishop slaughtered his family, then killed himself. These days, most folks stay clear of the house on Vincent Street. But you're about to take a special guided tour, courtesy of The Dead of Night!"

An Closing Narration:

Host: "Tune in next time for another blood curdling tale, guarenteed to keep you awake in The Dead of Night!"

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The House on Vincent Street (A new club member is forced to spend the night in a haunted house.)

Night Delivery

Night of The Rats

The Killing Garden

The Tunnel

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