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If you like the style of the older art / story cards from yesteryear, check out Monsterwax Trading Cards. It features science fiction, horror, and monster cards, all limited edition with that vintage look, but without the vintage price!



Want to see a "Slide show" of various non-sport cards? Check out Jim Wiehe's home page at the following address:


Another fine web site worth checking out is the Mars Attacks Fan home page. It's got lots of pictures from the classic card series and related products, plus interesting articles. The address is:


The Dinosaur Attacks fan site:


NONSPORT UPDATE is a magazine devoted to newer nonsport cards and included a bi-monthly price guide. Check out their web page at:

(Be sure to check out the The Card Talk forum for collectors to discuss new and older non-sports)


For older card online chat, visit the Network54 forum, primarily for vintage card collectors. The address is: 


The Monster Card Museum is a free on-line guide to any and all monster cards, basically a cyber Monster Card Museum. The actual address is


The Trading Card Hobbyist by Scott Thomas (news and info on Non-sports):


Card Cast (pod-cast info on newer card companies and sets):


You can also view scans of popular 1960s and 1970s card sets at





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