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This site is devoted to radio programs of horror, science fiction and dark fantasy. In particular, it celebrates the main recurring character in these imaginative anthology series: The host (and/or narrator). He (and rarely, she) was the one person we came to associate most with every episode in a series that (in most cases) had no recurring characters.

What's not included here are super hero shows like The Green Lama, Superman, or even Chandu-- The Magician. Although these characters technically have supernatural powers, the programs themselves are not really horror, science fiction or dark fantasy. Nor are they really dark or frightening. The one obvious exception is The Shadow, because of the prevailing horror theme throughout the series. (In fact, The Shadow became the literal poster child for those who wanted to censor horror on the radio.)

We also avoid the science fiction serials for kids, like Buck Rogers or Tom Corbett, Space Cadet. There is no dark or horror element included in such serials, they are basically super heroes who's super power comes from advanced science and technology.

And finally, we also avoid detective series, whether mystery anthology series like the Molle Mystery Theater, or episodic mystery shows like Cabin B13, or ongoing serials like The Shadow of Fu Manchu. These shows lack any real supernatural or science fiction elements, so they belong elsewhere. They have the mystery factor, but not the imagination aspect that radio is best at conjuring up. The big exception are the mystery/horror serials of Carton Morse, like I Love A Mystery, which not only included lots of gore (throats ripped out, bloody slashings, and even amputations), but also plenty of supernatural elements (including vampires, werewolves, and dinosaurs). Unfortunately, it had no host or narrator, but we include it anyway because of the prevailing horror theme. We also included Dark Fantasy, one of the few horror anthologies with no host. (The more, the scarier!)

So sit back, relax, and tune in to a time where the real action took place between your ears!

Below is a list of titles that were considered for including, but were either excluded for the reasons stated above, or are still under construction because I need more information on them


Arch Obler's Plays (propaganda plays, 1940-ish) REMOVED

The Black Book* (Readings by Paul Frees)

Cabin B-13 (REMOVED) Detective series of based on the adventures of a ship's doctor.

Cloak & Dagger (Spy adventure thriller)

The Devil and Mr. O (Horror anthology w/ Arch Obler. 1970--73)

Hour of Mystery (1946)

Lew Loyal *(1941)

Mind Webs* (1976-1984 Sci-fi anthology)

Molle Mystery Theater ???? (Murder crime series, 1943-54) REMOVED (detective series)

Murder by the Experts (1949) (Crime Drama by Author/ Kogan team)

Nightmare Theater (1953)

Out of the Deep (REMOVED: Sea adventure)

Stand By For Adventure (Macabre anthology. 1950)

Stroke of Fate (REMOVED: historical drama of "what if?" variety)

The Teller of Tales (Thriller type anthology, 1950)

Theater Five* (ABC's Sci-fi radio drama revival from 1964)


*Under Construction

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