AD RATES/ Sizes for The Wrapper


The Wrapper prides itself for delivering the best advertising BANG for the least BUCKS. This keeps the hobby alive by encouraging buying/selling/trading at minimum cost. Here's the current advertising rates.



ON SALE for just .10 cents per word until further notice!

Please count all numbers (#1, 7, 99, etc.) as words and include name, address & phone in word count.



1/6th Page Ad:

$19 Camera Ready (3 1/4" wide x 6 1/4" high); $20 Rough Copy


Half Page Ad:

$47.50 Camera Ready (5" High x 7 1/4" Wide); $50 Rough Copy


Full Page Ad:

$90 Camera Ready (10" High x 7 1/4" Wide); $100 Rough Copy


No Guarantee! We DO NOT promise space for new or non-regular advertisers, but there is often space available if you call early. Rough copy ads at deadline will be returned. If you have your ad copy on computer, you can e-mail to Les at Or you can snail mail a hardcopy of it to him (but don't wait until the deadline to do this) at the following address:

Davis, 1500 Briarcliff Road, #304, Montgomery IL 60538


ph. 630-877-7715 (10AM-9PM CST).


Check the front page for ad deadline.