Sinister Properties


Al Pinge plays "Artemus Drake", the host.

In each episode of Sinister Properties, Artemus Drake takes the listener on a chilling journey where the darkest reality meets the eerie unknown of the supernatural. Drake is a buyer of "haunted" properties, and hears many of the disturbing tales of previous tenants. A contemporary take on the classic radio drama, Sinister Properties provides listeners with highly atmospheric tales. Joel Wicklund is the writer, director and editor (produced by Jawdrop Productions in Chicago).

Unfortunately, only one episode of this series has yet been made with future plans being placed on hold. However, that one episode was well received and nominated by the Sonic Society for Best Radio Drama at their second annual UNI awards (2009).

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The New Roommates - (An older professor buys a beautiful apartment with a sordid history.)

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