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Discussion: How To Collect Cards Cheaply

Recently, I received e-mail from a collector who was considering getting out of the hobby because the vintage sets he liked the most seem to cost too much and he couldn't afford it any more. We started talking about various ways to save money in the hobby. I explained what I do: I only collect a few themes (monsters, sci-fi, dinosaurs & a little bit of war) and try not to branch out into too many different areas. I also explained I often settle for EX sets instead of Mint condition to save money. (Ex is often 33% or 50% cheaper than Near Mint.) Some collectors settle for Very Good (VG) condition to save even more. Such cards are often available for a fraction of their book value. (It's the only way I can afford most pre-1950 card series. Sets that otherwise cost over a thousand dollars are just a few hundred bucks! The creases only make them look older and more antique.) Many collectors avoid signature/autograph cards, since they're sure-fire budget busters. And of course, trading is the most fun way to cut costs.

Many collectors (including Jim Wiehe) assemble TYPE sets, composed of a single card from each set they are interested in. This allows a large collection of a whole bunch of different sets to be assembled at very little cost. Some collectors mix type sets with complete sets: They obtain one card from most sets, but the entire series of the sets they really like. I know one collector who collects nine of each card series, allowing him to fill a nine pocket sleeve with each theme (providing a good sampling of that set) and also making a really nice display since it fills the entire page. (I wish I had thought of that many paychecks ago!)

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