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- What Is The Wrapper? -

The Wrapper is THE BEST SOURCE to buy older Non-sports trading cards! (It also offers newer cards as well.) Most of every issue is filled with ads for vintage cards from dealers all around the country (plus, informative articles on older cards). If you're looking for an old set or especially singles to finish a partial set, you need THE WRAPPER!

The Wrapper is also America's oldest non-sport trading card publication still in print. It was first published in 1978 by Les Davis, owner and editor. (Go here to read about Les.) Issues are mailed direct to subscribers every 45 days. Each issue also contains news, reader comments and various articles. But most of The Wrapper consists of page after page of buy/sell/trade ads from dealers and collectorslike yourself.


- How To Subscribe -

Go to the TheWrapperMagazine.com and look under "Subscribe".

Or you can email the editor at:

Les Davis, 1500 Briarcliff Road, #304, Montgomery IL 60538

Call now to subscribe w/ credit card. (630) 877-7715 (9am - 9pm CST) or email Les at LesWrap@comcast.net



You can order a free sample of The Wrapper by going here


Rates start at just $2.50 for 50 words, up to just $80 for a full page!

Visit TheWrapperMagazine.com and look under "Subscribe".

Or email the editor at:

Les Davis, 1500 Briarcliff Road, #304, Montgomery IL 60538


On-Line Article Sample

Here's the type of article readers might expect to find in the upcoming issue (Please note: The on-line articles usually do not have the photos that the magazine includes, nor cheap buy/sell/trade ads that make The Wrapper a great place to shop and meet other collectors!):

Norm Saunders (The book & cards)!

To see a list of older on-line sample articles, go here.

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- Contact Us -

For questions about The Wrapper magazine (including advertising), email our editor (Les Davis) at: leswrap@comcast.net

or call Les at (630) 877-7715 between 9am to 9pm (CST)

If convenient, please avoid 11:15am-12:15pm (lunch) and 4:45 - 5:45pm (dinner) Central Standard Time.

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