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"John Wyndham
"The Day of the Triffids: Classic Radio Sci-Fi
"This full-cast BBC Radio 4 drama is based on the classic post-war 'science fantasy' novel which made John Wyndham famous. Giles Cooper's six-part adaptation stars Gary Watson, Barbara Shelley and Peter Sallis, with appearances from Doctor Who names Peter Pratt, Christopher Bidmead and David Brierley. Divided by blindness and societal breakdown, humanity is at the mercy of the carnivorous Triffids. The series was first broadcast in 1968 and later transmitted via World Service." -

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"The Quatermass Memoirs: Classic Radio Sci-Fi
"The renowned Quatermass Memoirs was first broadcast on BBC Radio 3 in 1996. It is a mix of original TV soundtrack and drama-documentary, in which Nigel Kneale reflects on the hopes and fears that existed in the 1950s when he wrote the classic Quatermass TV serials. The programme mixes the factual story with a dramatic narrative, in which the now-retired Professor Quatermass (played by Nigel Kneale) reluctantly recounts his past exploits to a female journalist. This release also includes a detailed sleeve note recounting the programme's making written by Andrew Pixley." -


"Aliens in the Mind: Classic Radio Sci-Fi
"This six-part BBC radio drama stars Peter Cushing and Vincent Prince, two of the most famous horror film stars of the 1950s and 60s. The story centres around the discovery, on a remote Scottish island, of a community of 'human mutants' capable of telepathy. A plan is in place to use them to control the British Government. Two friends Curtis Lark (Vincent Price) and Hugh Baxter (Peter Cushing) join forces to combat the mutants. Aliens in the Mind is based on a story by Robert Holmes, at the time the foremost Doctor Who script editor." -

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Dr. Who "Tomb of the Cyberman -


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Haunted Tales of the Supernatural

Keeping his promise

Fear on Four (see also Valentine Dyall)

By the River Fontainebleu
Hairy Hand of Dartmoor

Out of the Silent Planet

Eight episodes from 1977

Big Big Space

A live show with live audience. Sounds modern.


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