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Below is a list of series titles to locate the host you're interested in.

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Adventures By Morse (Another Carlton Morse thriller)

Appointment With Fear (British version of Suspense)

BBC Productions* (Modern radio dramas w/ sci-fi or horror themes)

Believe It Or Not (15 and 30 minute weird facts)

Beyond Midnight (South African horror w/ Michael McCabe)

Beyond Tomorrow (The first adult science fiction program from 1950)

The Black Book (starring Paul Frees)

The Black Castle (15 minute horror series with Don Douglas as host and characters. 1942)

Black Chapel (15 minute horror series with a host telling stories as he plays the organ. 1938)

Black Mass (A KPFA production from the 1960s)

Black Night (30 minute horror series with Nelson Olmsted as host and characters. 1937)

Black Museum (Murder anthology w/ Orson Welles. 1951)

Bradbury 13 (13 Ray Bradbury stories w/ Paul Frees. 1984)

CBS Mystery Theater (Murder/ Horror anthology w/ E.G Marshall. 1974-82)

The Chase (Dramatic adventure anthology, 1952-1953)

Chet Chetters Tales From The Morgue (1990s NPR anthology)

The Clock (Suspense anthology w/ "Father Time". 1946-48)

The Creaking Door (1950s Australian, then 1960 South African version of Inner Sanctum Mysteries)

Creeps By Night (Horror drama w/ Boris Karloff 1944)

The Croupier (Tales of fate, sometimes supernatural. 1949)

Dark Destiny (Supernatural tales.)

Dark Fantasy (Horror drama w/ Keith Paynton. 1940-42)

Dark Venture (Psychological thriller 1946)

Devil's Scrapbook (1936 Thriller)

Detour (1950 Psychological dramas)

Diary of Fate (Mystery/Horror anthology w/ "Fate")

Dimension X (Science Fiction anthology w/ Norman Rose. 1950-51)

The Devil and Mr. O (Horror anthology w/ Arch Obler. 1970--73)

Dr. Satan (1936 series)

The Eleventh Hour (South African Horror Adventure)

Escape (Adventure anthology including horror w/ Paul Frees, and William Conrad. 1947-54)

Exploring The Unknown (1945 Stories supposedly more "sci" than "fi")

Exploring Tomorrow (Science Fiction w/ John W. Campbell, Jr. 1957-58)

The Frightened (5 minute series featuring Boris Karloff)

Hall of Fantasy (1940s horror anthology)

Haunted (BBC series from 1980)

The Haunting Hour (Mystery/ Horror melodrama. 1944-46)

The Hermit's Cave (Horror anthology, w/ John Kent and Mel Johnson. 1934-43)

Horror, Inc., with Eva Le Gallienne *(1943)

House of Mystery (Supernatural mysteries debunked by John Griggs. 1945-49)

Illusion (aka The James and Pamela Mason Show. 1949 action anthology)

I Love Adventure

I Love A Mystery

Incredible But True (15 and 3 minute tales of supernatural happenings.)

Inner Sanctum Mysteries (Horror anthology w/ Raymond Edward Johnson and then Paul McGrath. 1941-1952)

Lew Loyal *(1941)

Lights Out (Horror anthology w/ Arch Oboler, then Boris Aplon, 1934-39, 1942-44, 1945-46)

Macabre* (1960s Armed Forces Radio horror anthology)

The Man In Black (The British 1949 spin-off of Appointment With Fear, a knock off of Suspense)

Mercury Theater On The Air (Adventure anthology, including horror. 1938)

Midnight (A SPERVAC production from the 1982)

Mind Webs* (1976-1984 Sci-fi anthology)

*Moon Over Africa (South African adventure series with supernatural themes)

Murder at Midnight (Horror anthology. 1946-50)

Mystery House (Horror anthology w/ Bela Lugosi)

Mystery In The Air (Horror anthology w/ Peter Lorre, 1947)

Mystery Playhouse (1944 AFRS series with Peter Lorre)

Mystery Playhouse (1986-1991 Horror & sci-fi series w/ "The Count", then Dr. Morgan)

Mystery Theater (Horror/ detective anthology w/ Christopher Lee. 2009-?)

Mysterious Traveler (Horror anthology w/ Maurice Tarplin, 1943-52)

NBC Mystery Serial (Eight different ten-part supernatural thrillers by Carton Morse, 1932.)

Nightfall (1980s horror anthology series from Canada.)

Nightmare (The 30 minute series with Peter Lorre, and a three minute version from John Norman.)

Nightmare Theater (1953)

Obsession (Psychological horror series)

Origin of Superstition (1935 series dispelling superstitious beliefs)

Out of the Night (Aussy and US anthology series of weird happenings)

Passing Parade (John Nesbitt's strange happenings)

The Price of Fear * (Vincent Price's 1973-75 & 1983 radio series)

Quiet Please (Dark fantasy w/ Ernest Chappel, 1947-49)

Ripley's Believe It Or Not *

Radio City Playhouse (Suspense thrillers)

Satan's Waitin' (1950)

The Sealed Book (Horror anthology w/ Philip Clarke, 1945)

Secrets of Scotland Yard (1949-51 Murder anthology)

SF68 * (Science Fiction series from South Africa, 1968)

The Shadow (previously host of The Detective Story Hour. Horror/Crime series. 1931-1954)

Sleep No More (Thriller anthology. 1956-57)

Stand By For Adventure (Macabre anthology. 1950)

Starring Boris Karloff

Stay Tuned For Terror

Strange (1955 Supernatural anthology series)

Strange Adventure ( 3 1/2 minute tales told by Pat McGeehan)

Strange As It Seems (3 1/2 minute spooky stories told by an unknown narrator)

Strange Dr. Karnac (1943 Mutual series by Scott Bishop)

The Strange Dr. Weird (Horror anthology w/ Maurice Tarplin. 1944-45)

Strangest of All (1961 series retellling strange historical events)

Studio X, aka The Player (1948 anthology 15 min series with Paul Frees)

Supernaturally Yours (Spooky stories from 1947)

Superstition/ aka, Superstition On The Air (1948 anthology with Ralph Bell dramatizing familiar fetishes)

Suspense (Thriller anthology w/ Joseph Kearns as "The Man in Black." 1942-1962.)

Tales of the Supernatural (South African or South African horror show)

Tales of Tomorrow (Science fiction w/ Raymond Edward Johnson. 1953)

Teller of Hawaiin Tales (Strange Legends and ghost stories from America's most Exotic state)

The Teller of Tales (Thriller type anthology, 1950)

*Terror (Possible series? Date unknown. Only one recording known "Grave yard Rats")

Terror By Night (Ghost dramas, 1936)

Theater Five* (ABC's Sci-fi radio drama revival from 1964)

*Theatre 10:30 (later series?)

*Think (aka, The ABC Radio Workshop. Experimental drama, usually sci-fi)

2,000 Plus (Science fiction. 1950-52)

The Unexpected (15 min. Terror anthology. 1948)

The Uninvited ("True tales of the supernatural" from Australia)

Unsolved Mysteries (15 minute documented mysteries with Stanley Peyton, 1937 - 1949)

The Weird Circle (Horror anthology. 1943-47)

The Whistler (Murder anthology w/ Bill Forman and also Gale Gordon, Joseph Kearns, Marvin Miller and Bill Johnstone. 1942-55)

Whitehall 1212 (1951 Murder Anthology by Wyllis Cooper)

The Witching Hour (Wyllis Cooper horror anthology, 1932)

The Witch of Endor (1932 spooky serial by Carton Morse. See NBC Mystery Serial)

Witch's Tale (Horror anthology w/ Nancy, the old Witch. 1931-38)

X Minus 1 (Science fiction w/ Fred Collins. 1955-58)

Zero Hour (Mystery/ adventure anthology w/ Rod Serling. 1973-74)

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