The Uninvited

1963 or before?

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The host/ announcer to this series is uncredited. He had a stern voice with a slight English/ Australian accent. This series is from Australia, although information about it (and the dates) are currently unclear. Based on the few recordings in circulation today, pre-recorded tapes were used in its production, placing the time of this series in the 1950s or beyond. (Radio dramas continued to be popular entertainment in England, Australia, and South Africa, much later than they did in the USA, so it could be as late as the 1970s.) One listener vividly recalls hearing the series at his boarding school in 1963. He says it was one of their favorites! Ghost stories and supernatural tales of terror were the focus of the series.


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The Standard Intro:

(SFX: Eerie music)

Host/Narrator: "Have you heard them? Those fearful sounds in the dead of night? The muffled creak of a loosened board? The shuffling step of a ghostly figure? The eerie voice of The Uninvited?

(SFX: Music swells)

Announcer: "The Uninvited. True tales of the supernatural!"

(SFX: Music, dramatic.)

An Opening Narration:

Host: "In a darkened room in a house on the edge of Hempstead Common, eight people sit tensely. Every crack, every chink that might admit the tiniest flicker of light through the wall has been covered. So intense is the darkness, that the staring eyes of the people present, frequently seem to see clearer images of the things that their minds conceive. And indeed, such images are often weird and wondrous. People and things long dead and departed from this world. For in this room, a séance is in progress.."

A Closing

Announcer: "The Uninvited was a true tale of the supernatural, and our transcript production written by Stewart Glover, and directed by Russ Riker."

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