An on-line guide to Radio's Horror Hosts from OTR to present.

Indexed by the host's real (legal) name.

Two other ways to locate your favorite horror host include:

a. finding the series that they narrated, or

b. using the host's character name (or persona)

Here's the list of hosts in alphabetical order using their real (actual) last names. Remember, the real names of some hosts are unidentified, so this list is incomplete.


Barton, Frank (Host of Illusion)

Bloomfield, Peter (South African host of The Creaking Door.)

Brook, Clive (Host of Secrets of Scotland Yard)

Campbell, Johh (The host to Exploring Tomorrow.)

Carpenter, Ken (host with Bela Lugosi on Mystery House.)

Chappel, Ernest (The host to Quiet Please.)

Clarke, Phillip (The host of The Sealed Book.)

Collins, Fred (The host/ narrator of X Minus One.)

Conrad, William (Sometimes host of Escape! See also The Clock.)

Doolittle, James (host of Stay Tuned for Terror)

Douglas, Don (host of The Black Castle.)

Dehner, John (One of several to voice The Hermit's Cave.)

Dyall, Valentine (Narrator of Appointment With Fear and The Man In Black.)

Farley, Bob (Alias "Graves" on Midnight.)

Fitz-Allen, Adelaide (Alias "Old Nancy, The Witch of Salem" from The Witch's Tale.)

Forman, Bill (Alias, The Whistler.)

Frees, Paul (Host of Bradbury 13. See also Escape! and The Black Book and Studio X/ The Player.)

Gibson, Walter (Host of Strange)

Graham, Frank Lee (Host to Satan's Waitin')

Griggs, John (The "Mystery Man" (Roger Elliott) at The House of Mystery)

Grimes, Tammy (Late replacement for EG Marshall in the CBS Radio Mystery Theater.)

Johnson, Raymond Edward (Alias "Raymond" on Inner Sanctum Mysteries. and Omentor)

Kabrich, Rick (Alias "Dr. Morgan" on Mystery Playhouse.)

Karloff, Boris (See William Henry Pratt.)

Kearns, Joseph (Alias, "The Man in Black" on Suspense.)

Krugman, Lou (the occassional host of Escape!)

Kuersteiner, Kurt (Alias "The Count" on Mystery Playhouse.)

Lake, John (Narrator for Dark Venture.)

Lee, Christopher (Host of Mystery Theater.)

Le Gallienne, Eva (Hostess to Horror, Inc.)

Lorre, Peter (Narrator/Host of Mystery In The Air and also Nightmare.)

Marshall, E. G., (He played himself on the CBS Radio Mystery Theater.)

Marvin, Ken (Announcer to 2,000 Plus.)

McGeehan, Pat (Narrator of Strange Adventure)

McQuire, Harp (The voice to the Australian version of The Clock)

Morgan, Ramond (Announcer for Murder At Midnight.)

Morrison, Bret (Alias The Shadow.)

Nesbitt, John (Host of The Passing Parade)

Nordine Ken (Host of Incredible But True)

Norman, John (Producer (and assumed writer, actor, host) of Nightmare, the 3 minute series.)

Oboler, Arch (sometimes host to Lights Out.)

Olmsted, Nelson (Host and performer of Sleep No More and Black Night.)

Osbourne, Ted (Host of Black Chapel.)

Paynton, Keith (Host of Dark Fantasy.)

Penman, Charles (Host of The Devil's Scrapebook)

Peyton, Stanley (Announcer, Host Unsolved Mysteries)

Powell, Moray (Australian host to The Creaking Door.)

Pratt, William Henry (aka Boris Karloff of Creeps By Night, The Frightened, etc.)

Price, Vincent (The Price of Fear and star of The Croupier)

Rose, Norman (The narrator/ host of Dimension X.)

Ramer, Henry (Nightfall host "Luther Kranst" for first two seasons.)

Reiter, Bill (Nightfall host "Frederick Hende" for third season.)

Serling, Rod (He played himself on Zero Hour.)

Tarplin, Maurice (Alias The Mysterious Traveler and The Strange Dr. Weird.)

Webster, Charles (New York host for The Clock.)

Wentworth, Martha (Alias "Old Nancy, The Witch of Salem" from The Witch's Tale.)

Whitman, Gayne (Host/ announcer of Adventures By Morse)

Wolf, Miriam (Alias "Nancy, The Old Witch" from The Witch's Tale.)

Worthington, Lynn (Alias "Vampirilla" on Mystery Playhouse.)

Welles, Orson (He played himself as Host for The Black Museum, and also The Shadow.)



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