Midnight was a labor of love created by the dedicated fans of OTR, aka SPERDVAC.


13 episodes of this series were made in 1982, and it ran from July 13 to September 28th of that year. It was an audio workshop production by The Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Radio Drama, Variety, Adventure, and Comedy (SPERDVAC). The host was named "Graves" and was played by Bob Farley. He delivered his sometimes corny lines with relish and obviously enjoyed the role. The actors didn't always sound professional, but again, their love of the medium was apparent. This was, after all, a radio drama series made by hardcore fans or radio drama. The Director/Producer was Roger Rittner. SPERDVAC still offers the shows through their general lending library.


The Standard Introduction:

"The sun has set, the darkness deepens, and the world awaits... Midnight!"

(Dramatic music with clock chimes plays)


An Opening Narration:

"Good evening. Once again, this your host, Graves. Ah, it's good to be here. I nearly didn't make it to tonight's program. I was at the hair dressers getting the latest perm. And the attendant forgot all about me. The curling machine nearly twisted my whole body into a pretzel! Now I've been so scared that my toes curled but this was too much! When the girl came back, I was blowing smoke rings. And I wasn't smoking! Of course, she apologized, but I got back at her. I set the styling drier to 'Kill'. Will her next customer get a surprise! Ha-ha-ha! But enough of tonsoyler torture. Let's get on to tonight's story. Tonight we meet a real ghost. One who frightens an old man out of his wits! After all, that's what ghosts are supposed to do. But then a young scientist gets in on the fact and spoils all the fun! Here's the first act of 'Vilasga's Hand.'"


An Ending Narration:

"Well, it looks like Robert may have his own ghost now. What a thrill! Imagine, having a nightmare every night... even when you're not asleep! That's enough to make you cut off your own hand! hah-ha-ha-ha-ha-hah!"


The Standard Closing:

"Now, until we meet again, this is your host, Gravvvves, reminding your that wherever you are, it may not be midnight now, but it soon will be. Hah-ha-ha-ha-hah!"


Hear an Episode (courtesty of OTRland.com)

The first one was made by the same group (director & voice talent) but with a different series title.

Weekend Vacation (a "Darkness" Production, featuring "Claud")

Murder Goes Astray (an "Out of the Night" production, may not sure of any association with SPERDVAC)


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