An on-line guide to Radio's Horror Hosts from OTR to present.

Listed by the character's name (or series persona)

The other two ways to locate your favorite horror host is to

a. remember the series that they narrated, or

b. remember the real name of the actor who hosted the series.

Here's the list of hosts in alphabetical order using their character's persona (the name used on the show). Remember, some hosts were never named on the program and don't appear here.You should find them under the series name.


Chet Chetters (Tales From The Morgue)

Count, The (Kurt Kuersteiner from Mystery Playhouse)\

Dennis, Craig (pseudonym for James Doolittle, host of Stay Tuned for Terror)

Devil, The (Charles Penman)

Graves (The host of Midnight.)

Hende, Frederick (Bill Reiter, Nightfall host for third season)

Hermit, The (Various actors, including John Dehner)

Karloff, Boris (Host of Creeps By Night)

Keeper of The Book (Philip Clarke, host of The Sealed Book.)

Kranst, Luther (Henry Ramer, Nightfall host for first two seasons)

Lee, Christopher (Host of Mystery Theater)

Man in Black (Joseph Kearns from Suspense)

Man In Black (from the British version of Suspense called, Appointment with Fear)

Marshall, E.G., (Host of the CBS Radio Mystery Theater)

Morgan, Doctor (Rick Kabrich from Mystery Playhouse)

Mysterious Traveler, The (Maurice Tarplin from The Mysterious Traveler)

Mystery Man, The (John Griggs from House of Mystery)

Nancy, The Old Witch (The Witch's Tale host Adelaide Fitz-Allen. Also Miriam Wolfe, Martha Wentworth.)

Oboler, Arch (Host and writer of Lights Out.)

Raymond (Raymond Edward Johnson from Inner Sanctum Mysteries)

The Shadow (Host of The Dectective Story Hour, which evolved into The Shadow.)

Serling, Rod (Host of Zero Hour)

Vampirilla (Lynn Worthington from Mystery Playhouse)

Weird, The Strange Doctor (Host Maurice Tarplin.)

Wizard, The (Host of The Black Castle)

Welles, Orson (He played himself as Host for The Black Museum)

Whistler, The (Title role of The Whistler series.)


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