1980 - 1983

Bill Reiter voiced Frederick Hende, the last host of Nightfall, a radio drama series from Canada. At least one episode was recorded in the USA.

Nightfall was a supernatural/horror radio series produced by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) from 1980 to 1983. It was disturbing enough to promp numerious listener complaints and cause some CBC affiliates to drop it.

The 30 minute show had a run of 100 episodes, three-quarters of which were produced in Toronto and the rest in several other Canadian cities. At least one episode was produced in New York City.

The host for the first two seasons was Luther Kranst (Henry Ramer). Ramer is a well known Canadian actor. The third season host was Frederick Hende (Bill Reiter). Reiter was a popular Canadian DJ. The Executive Producer, Director and series creator was Bill Howell. Don Kowalchuk replaced Howell in the third season when production was moved to Vancouver.

The scripts were a mix of original tales and adaptations of both classic and obscure short stories. They were written by both first-time, and veteran, radio and stage writers. Some of these include Tim Wynne-Jones, Max Ferguson, Laurence Gough, Arthur Samuels, Nika Rylski, Warren Graves, Paul Bettis, and Silver Donald Cameron. The series was played in the USA on NPR (Lackman, 208).

The shows starred a wide variety of actors popular in the Canadian arts. People like Chris Wiggins, Gerard Parkes, Neil Dainard, August Schellenberg, Budd Knapp, Colin Fox, David Calderisi, Elva Mai Hoover, John Stocker, David Ferry, and Kate Reid. (Marsh, 2005) The series is said to be one of the most popular shows in CBC Radio history.

Information on this series is becoming more available. For cast details and story synopis , check out the the

Many Nightfall stories started slow and built up suspense. In "The Book Of Hell", an editor receives a manuscript which tells about hell. He dismisses it as a hoax, but for some reason, it will not photocopy. Then bad things start to happen to those who read it... Artwork courtesy of Tune In For Terror © 1992

The Standard Introduction:

"In the dream, you are falling... lost in the listening distance as darkness -- locks in... (Sound effect: A long scream of man falling far below). Nightfall!"

(Intense electronic music sting!)


An Opening Narration:

"Good evening. Tonight we're going to take especially good care of you. All we ask is that everybody gets what's coming to them. The play by Martin Kinch is called, 'Special Services.'"


An Ending Narration & Closing:

"Hello again. Next week's Nightfall address the continuing problem of how children should best be nurtured. Especially when they might be telepathic. (Excerpt from story plays.)

Teddy. A knowing little play from the telling pen of Stephen Fraygood. Thoughtful radio for the world beyond all words. That's next week, on Nightfall. Until then, be careful.... of the edge!

(Sound effect: A long scream of man falling fall below.)


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