Horror, Inc.


Host: Eve Le Gallienne

One of the most interesting, but forgotten programs of the 1940s is one with a rather unusual name: Horror, Inc. What made it even more unusual was the talent involved: the famous Broadway actress, Eve Le Gallienne.

Women were not often the stars (let alone the hosts) of radio shows, especially if they were horror programs. In fact, only one other scary series had a female host (The Witches' Tale). Although there are no known recordings of Horror, Inc., radio researcher Mike Ogden (3/26/10) states that it was a spoken word program, with Le Gallienne doing readings of the chiller-thrillers. As a famous Broadway director, writer, and performer, she was certainly qualified to pull it off with great effect. Le Gallienne had a distinguished career on the stage that lasted nearly six decades. It included acting, directing, producing, and teaching. Yet, she almost completely avoided TV or film. The fact that she chose radio to access the mass media and became one of the pioneers of OTR horror is another unique aspect to this fascinating woman. It would certainly be a bonanza if any disc recordings of her program were found today. There's always a chance!


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