The Price of Fear

1973 - 1975 & 1982


Vincent Price joined forces with the BBC in 1973 to bring listeners The Price of Fear. The series was unusual in that many of the shows featured Price playing himself. The series continued through to 1975, then returned for another season in 1983. It was considered one of the more popular BBC horror programs.

The Standard Intro:

(Music: Dramatic Orchestrated themes)

Announcer: "The Price of Fear. Brought to you by Vincent Price."

An Opening Narration:

Host: "Hello. I know there are those among you that consider the old adage, every picture tells a story, as debatable as it is familiar. As a life long art collector and enthusiast myself, I have often speculated that the story surrounding the picture, the human drama, can prove infinitely more fascinating than any story in paint, trapped within the confines of a frame. And the tale I'm about to tell you, which I called, An Eye for An Eye, will I'm sure convince you of the truth of this. Recently, I went to an important sale of impressionist paintings. The auction room just off London's fashionable Saint James, was packed to capacity with art speculators from the four corners of the globe..."

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