X Minus 1

1951 - 1953

X Minus One was the sequel to Dimension X, and based on stories from Galaxy magazine.

X Minus One was essentially a return of Dimension X. That was great news for sci-fi buffs, because Dimension X was arguably the best science fiction anthology series radio ever produced! The opening sequence was revamped and the announcer/host became Fred Collins, but it was otherwise the same high quality show. In fact, the first 15 shows were repeats of Dimension X (Dunning, 731). Two dozen stories from Astounding Science Fiction Magazine were adapted, and almost 90 more from Galaxy Magazine. Many of the same great authors who were featured in the earlier series had additional stories adapted on the new show. The list of new and old writers read like a science fiction list of Who's Who. Staff writers Ernest Kinoy and George Lefferts adapted the likes of A. Heinlein, Poul Anderson and Theodore Sturgeon, but Kinoy and Lefferts were also good writers of original stories as well (Dunning, 732). It was a potent mixture of talents that produced such an effective series. Fans and collectors are fortunate that the entire run is still available with good sound. Compared to many other Old Time Radio (OTR) shows, this one continues to sound very modern. So timeless was X Minus One that NBC actually replayed it in 1973. The rebroadcast series lasted an impressive two years, despite sporadic scheduling. If you wanted to experience how effective OTR science fiction can be (even by today's standards) X Minus One would be an excellent choice.

"A Sound Of Thunder" was one of the many classic science fiction stories brought to life on X-1. Artist depiction courtesy of Tune In For Terror © 1992

The Standard Intro:

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Announcer: "Count down for blast-off. X minus five... four... three... two... X minus one... Fire!

(Music pounds, building up like a rocket blast, while chorus raises its collective voice with "aaaaaaaaaahhhhh!")

"From the far horizons of the unknown come transcribed tales of new dimensions in time and space. These are stories of the future, adventures in which you'll live in a million could-be years on a thousand may-be worlds. The National Broadcasting Company in cooperation with Street & Smith, publishers of Astounding Science Fiction Magazine present:

"X-- X-- x-- x-- MINUS -- MINUS --Minus-- minus-- ONE-- ONE-- One- one"


An Opening Narration:

Announcer: "If you wanted to take over our world with a minimum amount of resistance and trouble, how would you go about it? Tonight we'll tell you how with the strange and chilling story by George Leopards. 'The Parade!'"


An Ending Narration & Closing:

(Don Pardo) "Tonight, X Minus One brought you 'The Parade,' an original story by George Leopards. Featured in the cast were..."



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1000 Dollars a Plate - 03/21/1956

A Logic Named Joe - 12/28/1955

A Pail of Air - 03/28/1956

Appointment in Tomorrow - 11/07/1956

Cave of Night - 02/01/1956

Colony - 10/10/1956

Dwellers in Silence - 11/10/1955

Gun for a Dinosaur - 03/07/1956

Hallucination Orbit - 05/15/1956

Hello Tomorrow - 11/03/1955

Junkyard - 02/22/1956

Knock - 05/22/1955

Last Martian - 08/07/1956

Marionettes Inc. - 12/21/1955

Moon is Green - 01/02/1957

Saucer of loneliness - 01/09/1957

Skulking Permit - 02/15/1956

Soldier Boy - 10/17/1956

Tunnel under the World - 03/14/1956

Venus is a Man's World - 02/06/1957


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Suggested Samples

(Courtesy of OTR.net)

Perigee's Wonderful Dolls - A little girl obtains a most unusual doll.

A Gun for Dinosaur - Ray Bradbury's futuristic story about hunters who use time travel to visit the Jurassic era and hunt the biggest of all game.

The Lifeboat Mutiny - A humorous and clever story about a computerized life boat that is programmed to help its inhabitants survive the brutal effects of war.

The Veldt - Ray Bradbury's futuristic story about spoiled kids who get a holographic playroom, and the cruel thing they do with it when their parents threaten to take it away.


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