Teller of Tales


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It's pretty frustrating when you find a radio series you like a lot, but there are only one or two recordings in existence. You wonder, "why didn't those boneheads keep more copies?!" What's worse is when you find out about a series that no one kept any copies of, and by all indications, it was a pretty neat series. Then again, you can't be sure, because no one has much information about it either!

That's the basic situation with The Teller of Tales. We know it was produced in 1950. We know they used scripts from Robert Arthur and David Kogan (Digital Deli Too). It's unclear if there were any other writers involved as well, but Arthur and Kogan were so prolific, they probably didn't need any help. They were the dynamic duo behind Dark Destiny, The Sealed Book, and The Mysterious Traveler, so it's very likely the series was good. Still-- who can be sure, without actually hearing it?

Adding to this mystery is the revelation that Arthur/Kogan worked on another obscure spooky series just a few years earlier, in 1945. It was called Adventure Into Fear. That series has even less information on it. (So little, in fact, that I can't even justify giving it a separate entry, because it would essentially be blank.) It goes to show that when you dig in the cemetery of old radio horror shows, a single plot can contain a lot more than one grave.

Sample Shows

There are no known samples, although some of the stories may have recycled from earlier Arthur/Kogan series like Dark Destiny and The Mysterious Traveler .

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