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Boris Karloff starred in Starring Boris Karloff

This ABC series ran from September to December of 1949. It not only starred Boris Karloff, it had a unique television tie-in with the same name (Terrece, 249). Each story would first play on the radio Wednesday night, and then appear on television the following evening (Hand, 53).

The reviews of the day were positive. The September issue of Newsreel Magazine stated:

'[With] practically no advance warning, Boris Karloff crept into millions of homes via radio and television [giving audiences] some of the creepiest entertainment yet broadcast and televised."

Unfortunately, I have not heard or seen this series appear anywhere, so it is possible no recordings survived. At least none that have yet made it into the public domain.

If you have any information, memories, or know of recordings for sale of it, please email me.


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