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Detour was produced at a time when taping was possible, yet no magnetic or disc recordings are known to exist. Information on this show is rather scarce as well. It is described as a series of psychological dramas dealing with life-or-death situations (Grams, 2000, 133). Grams also states the first 13 episodes were recycled scripts from The Clock, written by the same writer (Laurence Klee) but retitled. The remaining eight episodes were original scripts by different writers. Given The Clock comparison, however, we can assume many of the plots were suspenseful and/or thrillers. It would be great if some surfaced and we could actually hear them. The episode titles don't reveal too much about the plots, but here are two observations about them: There is some debate about the title of the first episode. Martin Grams lists it as "The Artificial Tree," while the OTRR logs title it as "The Artificial Face". The other point is that "The Hitch-hiker" episode is not the same as the Suspense story of the same title, as it was not written by Lucille Fletcher (Grams, 2000, 134).

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Below are the 21 known titles courtesy of the OTRR radio logs.

(Date/ episode #/ title)

50/06/21 1 The Artificial Face
50/06/28 2 The Story of Adam Stewart
50/07/05 3 The Story of Red Fulton
50/07/12 4 The Story of Nora Spencer
50/07/19 5 The Story of Mark Waynard
50/07/26 6 The Story of Wilber Cooke
50/08/02 7 The Story of Eve Clifford
50/08/09 8 The Story of Frederic Spangler
50/08/16 9 The Story of Vera Bascomb
50/08/23 10 The Story of Leonard Keeler
50/08/30 11 The Story of Fletcher
50/09/06 12 The Story of Arlene
50/09/13 13 The Story of Rex Pound
50/09/20 14 The Story of David Vaughn
50/09/27 15 The Story of Eddie Sayers
50/10/04 16 The Story of Steve Rednik
50/10/11 17 Strange Lady
50/10/18 18 The Story of Leta Parano
50/10/25 19 The Hitchhiker
50/11/01 20 A Lad Named David
50/11/08 21 The Story of Agatha Reed

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