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A word about my "research". There really isn't any (or at least, very little on my part). I'm an OTR enthusiast, but I'm not a researcher, nor do I pretend or want to be. I'm attracted to OTR Sci-Fi, Horror, and Fantasy by the imagination and excitement it creates. Doing research is not exciting at all-- it's hard work. Likewise, tracking down and verifying facts is the opposite of using your imagination. I do enjoy a good mystery, but only if they get solved like they do in the detective shows. I find unsolved mysteries frustrating. Unfortunately, a good deal of the history behind OTR will forever remain a mystery. That's because once the records were tossed out and the participants are no longer available to interview, there isn't much for researchers to work with.

Accurate OTR research requires far more patience and resources than I have to offer. I'm interested in the entertainment aspect of OTR, not turning it into a chore. That being said, I'm just as hungry for information about OTR as any other fan. I love reading what real researchers have discovered about OTR's background. I've summarized much of that information and included it here for myself and others to enjoy. But keep in mind that nearly all the historical information you find here is the result of painstaking research that others have performed for our benefit. They deserve a great amount of credit for the hard work they have performed for the entire OTR community and I hope readers will not be put off by the constant citations to the authors (including page numbers) of which the information was gathered (Samples, 123). These detail oriented detectives are the giants who's shoulders we stand upon to see what really happened over half a century ago during Radio's Golden Age. When other web sites are referenced, I'll try to link to the actual page as well, so that readers can easily follow up on the direct source of our information whenever the accuracy is in doubt, or for whenever additional information is sought.

I would encourage anyone who is unfamiliar with the various series profiled here to commit some time to listening to at least a few episodes from each to see if you don't become as smitten with them as I did. And for the series you wind up enjoying the most, that you find out more about the folks who made those shows in the first place by reading the books and web sites that profile them. (You'll see a complete list of my sources on my Bibliography page.) Although some of the information found in these sources is contradictory and incorrect, the original authors really deserve our appreciation and support for attempting to shed light on the otherwise dark corners of OTR history.

Alas, some of these writers are engaged in bitter feuds with one another over the accuracy of this claim or that. I would like to remain neutral in such battles. When I know or find different information about an issue that others have already written about, I will try to present both versions and let the reader decide which is correct for themselves. The purpose of this site is not to take sides or settle any debates, but rather, to encourage interest, discussion, and most of all, more listening of these classic radio shows.

I have attempted to include all the most interesting and relevant "facts" known about each show, along with the source of that information. The lion's share of editorial content is merely my own opinion, and should only be valued as such. Your likes and dislikes may be completely different. Either way, I hope my efforts will draw attention to this amazing audio art form. I also hope it will generate a larger audience and fan base for the men and women who made these outstanding productions in the first place. May they be properly remembered, and may their wonderful work continue to thrill future generations!


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