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Beyond Tomorrow was almost radio's first science fiction anthology series, with their audition show (The Outer Limit) being produced February 23, 1950 (Dunning, 84). Unfortunately, the series didn't actually air on CBS (according to announcements in the papers) until April 5th... three weeks after Two Thousand Plus started. Three days later, Dimension X began, creating even more competition. Beyond Tomorrow was quite good, on par with Dimension X, but for whatever reason, it was cancelled after just three installments. There is some debate as to whether if actually aired as promoted, or if it was cancelled before broadcast and replaced with something else at the last minute. It has a wonderful opening narration, and you can just imagine the anticipation it built up in the listener. "The future can bring anything, and it could happen to you!" The series provides a wonderful window into a different time-- not the future (as advertised)-- but rather, the past.

The host to this series is sometimes credited as being John Campbell, Jr. (Dunning, 84). He is mentioned once as a "technical consultant" in the credits of Incident At Switchpath, and as "program consultant" for Requiem. However, I've heard all three episodes of Beyond Tomorrow and I don't hear anyone who sounds like Campbell as the host or announcer. The confusion may be caused by the fact that some collectors mix up a few of the 1957 series, Exploring Tomorrow (which Campbell hosted) with the earlier Beyond Tomorrow series. (The only announcer voice that sounds familiar actually sounds more like Norman Rose from Dimension X fame, but that's only a wild guess.) Listen and decide for yourself. All three episodes are quite entertaining. After all, Beyond Tomorrow can bring anything, and it could happen to you!

A Typical Intro:

Announcer: "And now for tonight's story. Let's go Beyond Tomorrow!"

(Eerie music plays underneath)

Announcer: "Are you afraid to face tomorrow? Or whatever may lay beyond tomorrow? Do you think you are up spending a weekend on the moon, or entertaining house guests from Mars? Can you and your children adjust to the strange, new, wonderful world that is being wrought in the test tubes and cyclotrons of science beyond tomorrow? Beyond Tomorrow! A new program of probabilities, drawn from the vast library of science fiction, where anything is possible, and possibly may happen... to you!"

(Dramatic music flair)

Announcer: "Tonight, based on a popular story by Theodore Sturgeon, and adopted by Draper Lewis, a tale about a man who accused of murder in a small western town, who insists it was not murder, but something really much worse!"


The Alternate Opening (for Requiem):

Announcer: "Now for tonight's story. Let's go Beyond Tomorrow!"

(Pleasant music plays underneath)

Announcer: "Beyond tomorrow, next month, next decade, next century... When we will still be housewives, and farmers, and merchants, when some of us will be broke and some of us will be ambitious. And some of us will be lonely like people are today. But when will employ robots to do our housework, and go for a weekend to the moon!"

(Dramatic music builds)

Announcer: "Beyond Tomorrow, science fiction stories about us and our children in the days that are soon to come. Tonight, based on a famous story by Robert Heinlein, and adapted by Robert Sinadella, the story of a man who lived for a dream!"

A Typical Closing:

Announcer: "You have just heard Incident at Switchpath, another program on the new science fiction series Beyond Tomorrow. Michael O'day was featured in the role of James Kent and Bret Morrison was heard as Professor Sikes. Music was composed and conducted by Henry Soburn, and John Campbell Jr. was our technical consultant. Beyond Tomorrow was produced and directed by Mitchell Grayson. Listen again next week at this same time for another story about you... and the future. You-- Beyond Tomorrow."

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Incident At Switchpath - A man tries to convince a skeptical small western town that he is not a murderer, but that they are all threatened by something far more dangerous.

The Outer Limit - A test flight is sent into space for a quick exploratory run, but encounters something that no one on Earth could have possibly have predicted, nor will they believe...

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Requiem - An older scientist has one last dream to fulfill, even if it costs him his life to achieve it.

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