Strange Adventure


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The host to Strange Adventure was Pat McGeehan, who read the short 3 1/2 minute tales and provided the different characters. The writer was Charles Crowder. The themes were often adventure oriented, but also included horror themes including haunted treasure, murder plots, werewolves, ghosts, and zombies. No sound effects were provided, it was just McGeehan telling the tale and providing different voice characterizations for different characters. There wasn't even any background music, but it was fun just the same, providing action packed reader's theater to an audience that could envision the story in their mind's eye. Over 260 episodes are listed as having been produced (, so it seems to have succeeded for a decent amount of time. However, the exact date of this series has yet to be determined. Without any commercials, music or other clues, only the clear sound without any scratches suggests it was produced in the latter 1940s or beyond.

The Standard Intro:

Announcer: (ECHO SFX) "Strange... Adventure!"

An Opening Narration:

Host: "Every nerve in Jason Grim's body was drawn taut as his horse picked its way along the narrow trail through the deep night. The distant rhythm of the ceremonial drum emphasized-- rather than disturbed-- the tomblike stillness of the Haitian jungle. Jason approached a small clearing where the trail crossed another path. The moonlight trickled to the ground like the spectral sweat of a ghost. Jason's horse gave a frenzied snort and reared. Jason fell to the ground as the horse, terrified, plunged into the jungle. Stepping into the moonlight was a figure that at one time may have been a man. Jason couldn't move, but stared, transfixed. Approaching him was a skeleton, with skin drawn drum-tight over the bones. The skull was hairless. The eyes were so sunken, they seemed to be missing. His body was draped with filthy rags..."


A Typical Closing:

Host: "This is Pat McGeehan in Hollywood California saying goodbye from my writer Charles Crowder and inviting you to listen to 'Treasure Ship', our next tale of... (ECHO FX) Strange Adventure!"


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"Zombies" - A traveler in Haiti discovers a sugar cane plantation worked by lifeless skeletons covered with skin, and a master who invites him in for a drink.

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"Duel In Darkness" - A cheating gambler accepts a duel, but like his card playing, he plans on cheating in order to win.

"Jungle Mystery" - A famous violinist disappears from Paris without a trace. Years later, one of his close friends is on safari in Africa, and thinks he hears the genius playing in the distance. Further investigation reveals a horrible coincidence that led to the player's disappearance.

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