Eleventh Hour

1941 - 1946 (?)

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The Eleventh Hour was a South African thriller/suspense series with occasional sci-fi plots. OTRR dates this as being a 1941 series only, but their own radio logs list one show ("Project XP112") as being Feb. 27, 1946. So one might assume that either the series lasted longer or started later. Another episode "Radioactive Blackmail" has no date, but had to air after the bombing of Hiroshima (August 1945), as atomic terms (and fear of radiation) were not common knowledge until after time. If it did run for a full five years, a lot more than just the few dozen surviving shows would have been produced. The episodes I heard had no host, just the same introduction to link the series together. They were engaging nevertheless. Perhaps more information about this series will turn up in South Africa, its original place of origin.

The Standard Intro:

(Music: )

Announcer: "Time - the silent herald of life and death, success or failure. The unseeing force that delivers man’s destiny, reaching its most fateful moments as it slowly strikes the eleventh hour.”

The Standard Ending:

(Repeats Intro)

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One Hour To Midnight

Here are more titles from OTRcat.com

Incident at Twin Falls
Ghost Town
Tavern of Lost Souls
Three Wives of Mickey Danders
Bad Day for Ben
One Hour to Midnight
The Tomb
The Double
The Good is Oft Interred
Invitation to Death
Palette Night
Case of the Curious Confession

In addition, Here's 24 more titles to this series (courtesy of the OTRR radio logs).

* 41/xx/xx My Brother Henry/The Smoking Table
* 41/xx/xx The Most Dangerous Game
* 41/xx/xx The Seventh Pullet
* 46/02/27 Project XP112
* xx/xx/xx 3 Radioactive Blackmail
* xx/xx/xx 4 Accident On Curve aka The Actor
* xx/xx/xx 5 Runaway Kid
* xx/xx/xx 6 Truckload Of Nitro
* xx/xx/xx 7 The List
* xx/xx/xx 9 Tavern Of Lost Souls
* xx/xx/xx 10 The Will
* xx/xx/xx 11 The Double aka The Imposter
* xx/xx/xx 12 Let The Play Begin aka Invitation To Death
* xx/xx/xx 15 Cave-In
* xx/xx/xx 16 Scientist Quits
* xx/xx/xx 17 The Invisible Man
* xx/xx/xx 18 The Mountian Climber
* xx/xx/xx 21 The Threatening Letter
* xx/xx/xx 22 Blackmail and Love
* xx/xx/xx 23 Death Of Elaine
* xx/xx/xx 24 Imposter

They also have them available on-line in the OTRR free library (although a password is required)

Sample Shows

"Tavern of Lost Souls"- An English highway robber is also an excellent duelist and gambler, but when he meets a beautiful daughter of a nobleman, he starts risking his reputation on her account.

"Radioactive Blackmail" - A career criminal hijacks a deadly cargo to force the government to release a very special prisoner.

"Project XP112" - A research scientist decides the world would be a better place without the advanced weapon he's perfected, but in order to destroy it, he'll have to destroy himself and the entire town.

"Ghost Town" - Three Old West bank robbers converge on a ghost town to retrieve hidden bank loot. But they discover their previous sins have a way of catching up with them.

"The Tomb" - A robber and a kidnapped victim get locked inside an airtight safe. As the air runs short, they resort to desperate measures.

"A Country Road" - A couple are lost on a country road while police search for an insane murderer.

"A Crime of Necessity" -

"Black Magic" -

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