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Vincent Price starred in the only surviving episode of The Croupier. He wasn't the host, but since we don't know who played the host and Price starred in the only known recording, he seems a fitting icon to represent the series. It aired Sept 21 - Nov. 16 in 1949 (Dunning, 186). That's just eight episodes of tales of fate that could also include a supernatural theme. Unfortunately, longevity just wasn't in the cards for The Croupier. Like so many before it, it died an early death. Only the fading memories survive in an audience that is getting older and will eventually disappear as well. At least one recording remains.

The Standard Intro:

(Music: Organ.)

Man with French Accent: "I am the Croupier. I spin the wheel of life. Madam et monsieur, place your bets!"

Announcer: "The American Broadcasting company presents, The Croupier. Gripping stories of man's eternal conflict with fate. Written and directed by Milton Geiger, and tonight starring Mr. Vincent Price as The Roman."

(Music: Big organ flourish.)

(Man with French Accent:) "Madam et monsieur, place your bets!"

(SFX: Murmur of people at roulette table.)

The Croupier: "I am the Croupier. I spin the wheel of life. You, the fairs, make your fortune, your future, what you will! It is for you to choose the path. Jealousy, envy, hatred, fear, happiness, love, peace? These are the dark and the bright colors of the soul. So, madam et monsieur, the wheel of life spins. Place your bets!

(SFX: Spinning ball lands in slot. Group sighs.)

The Croupier: "Thirteen black."

Man: "I've won!"

(Music sounds.)

The Croupier: "He won. The rather unusual player at my right. A Roman. Yes, a Roman warrior in brass helmet and steel armor, here at my wheel of fate now. Oh, but many kinds from many times come to play against me. What is his desperate chance, this armored soldier from another age? Listen. Listen to his thoughts..."

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The Roman - A couple at sea encounter a ship with an ancient Roman soldier who is cursed with immortality.

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