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6/21/12 - Found and added on-line MP3s for Bradbury 13, a terrific series.

8/17/10 - Finished the new book covering all the information from this site: The Old Time Radio Horror Hosts Handbook. (You can order it now for just $11.95).

7/15/10 - Radio City Playhouse.

6/19/10 - Supernaturally Yours

6/15/10 - Exploring the Unknown, Dr. Satan.

6/1/10 - Teller of Hawaiian Tales. and Incredible But True, and Tales from Tomorrow.

5/29/10 - Revamped the Lights Out page. Believe It Or Not.

5/27/10 - The Passing Parade

5/25/10 - The Witch of Endor (NBC Mystery Serial).

5/23/10 - Terror by Night revamped

5/20/10 - Stay Tuned For Terror revamped.

5/17/10 - Dark Venture and Detour profiled.

5/4/10 - The site was hacked again, this time by someone phishing for Brazilian Bank passwords. The site was down from April 28 until May 5-- a full week! Hundreds of files had to be reloaded, a major headache. A much stronger password was instituted to prevent further problems. If you visit the site and it's down, check back again later. We don't plan on retiring any time soon!

4/13/10 - The site was attacked by malware (i/frame injections) which entered infected us via another file on the same server. We were temporarily blocked by google and some other browswers. The problem was fix w/in 48 hours, and we shouldn't have any more issues.

4/7/10 - Major rewrites and additions of obscure stuff, including Strange, Devil's Scrapbook, House of Mystery, Dark Destiny, Terror By Night, Horror Inc., and Illusion.

1/6/10 - Black Night and Sleep No More, The Uninvited, The Unexpected, The Black Chapel.

1/4/10 -Dark Venture added (but only has sparse information)., Appointment With Fear, The Black Castle

8/9/09 - Updated all the links to free downloads of various shows. If you find any other dead links, let me know.

3/23/09 - A new anthology series hosted by Christopher Lee is added, called Mystery Theater.

8/12/08 - Hear the free MP3 download of the Dr. Morgan Memorial show (from Mystery Playhouse) (30:00)

8/8/08 - You can now hear an MP3 version or a streaming audio version of an interview with Kurt Kuersteiner (select July 26, Old-Time Radio Night, part 1) discussing Old Time Radio and Mystery Playhouse on the WBSM SpookySouthCoast radio program from July 26, 2008.

2/14/07 - Uploaded files to our new location at

2/8/07 - Added online listening links to CBS Mystery Theater and Beyond Midnight.

2/5/07 - Added links to all shows that were available for on-line listening at in RealPlayer, which allows one to listen while the surf other sites. Also added Beyond Tomorrow.

1/27/07 - Major additions of on-line listening links to Quiet Please, thanks to Now, almost 90 episodes can be heard on line!

11/06 - All links audio links to all shows updated (hopefully). If you find any that are not, let me know!

10/25/06 - Went through and updated all the links to the mp3 files for Hall of Fantasy. Almost all links to the Monster Club files have changed and no one mentioned it to me, so they were all defunct. I'll have to update a LOT of the other links too (but it will have to wait until after Halloween). When you find a link on our site that doesn't work, please inform me.

6/24/06 - Finished comments on The Weird Circle.

6/23/06 - Updated Dark Fantasy an Spoke to someone today about the old Invaders TV show. He mentioned the deep voiced announcer was William Conrad, of Gunsmoke and Escape fame. What a great voice that was for the opening sequence of the TV show. Conrad announced many of Quinn Martin's shows, like The Fugtive. He eventually got his own QM series, Cannon.

6/3/06 - Added Dark Fantasy and Weird Circle to the profile list.

5/12/06 - We've begun work on a sequel to the Tune In For Terror trading card set. It will include 40 of the radio horror/ science fiction favorites... So if you have favorites you want included in the set, please email me a list of them, and I'll post them on our Top Ten list as well.

5/9/06 - Added links to hear the actual episodes on-line (for free) to most of the show profiles.

2/6/06 - Finally, a page on the great series, Escape! Progress has been slow for the last half year. I've been consumed working on a new ttrading card series on H.G.Wells. It's about done, so I hope to return soon and add more here.

5/6/05 - Revamped OTR logo image and linked to our trading cards. Added more photos for Murder At Midnight, The Shadow, and The Whistler.

4/14/05 - added links to the plot summaries via the OTR Plot Spot and OTR Plot Summaries pages.

4/5/05 - Lights Out and Suspense added.

4/1/05 - Added The Whistler page and inserted Real Audio links (from to most the show openings!

3/31/05 - Added Mystery House page.

3/30/05 - Exchanted links to The OTR Plot Spot, a cool site devoted to indexing all the old time sci-fi & Horror plots.

3/29/05 - Thanks to E-gor of E-gor's Chamber of TV Horror Hosts, I was able to upload a big batch of new photos of various radio horror hosts. He also fixed up quite a few substandard images as well. Thanks George!

3/24/05 - The Shadow and The Sealed Book uploaded.

3/23/05 - Added The Haunting Hour and Exploring Tomorrow.

3/22/05 - I've added portraits to the CBS Mystery Theater page, and upated the missing information to Midnight. I've also found a lot of cool links and added them to the Quiet Please page.



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