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Tanglefoot - A man takes a murderous giant fly as a pet.

Northern Lights - Two Scientists experiment by sending items through time with unusual results.

The Room Where Ghosts Live - A dying man tells a ghostly tale.

Don't Tell Me About Halloween - A lighter hearted tale of a witch who spies on her evil intending, philandering husband in a number of different guises.

Where Do You Get Your Ideas? - A radio writer meets some strange characters at a bar, and an even stranger conversation ensues.

Wahine Tahiti - A goddess grants wishes to the elder women who pray to her, though not always the way they intended.

Sketch For A Screenplay - A writer imagines a new story, while thinking another writer facing death does the same thing in another time.

Dialogue For A Tragedy - A man faces death at point blank range, and thinks out loud what got him to this point.

Dark Rosaleen - An almost married man confronts the short life ahead of him, now that his soon-to-be wife is dead.

The Evening And The Morning - What happens to those who are dead? And what connects them to this world after they've passed to the next? You'll be surprised to find out in this tale.

Thirteen And Eight - A mysterious stranger interferes with a photographer trying to take pictures, yet his image won't come out on film.

Camera Obscura - A killers murders a man and then meets his girlfriend. It puts him in a strange position.

As Long As I Live - A man married to a medium explains how dangerous it can be when the real spirit world collides with the fake.

The Girl With The Flaxen Hair - A man can't find a little girl he's heard, but hasn't seen.

The Other Side of the Stars - Space visitors from another solar system continue a theme from an earlier episode (Nothing Behind The Door).

The Pathetic Fallacy - Can a computer have emotions? One professor finds out the hard way.

In Memory of Bernadine - A moving tale about a man who remembers the woman he loved.

Light the Lamp For Me - An unusual lamp permits the user to travel in time.

Green Light - The first thing you wonder when you see an amputee is "how did it happen?" A railroad man tells the tale behind his missing leg.

Dark Gray Magic - A demon tries to corrupt a young boy with powers that could cause great mischief

There Are Shadows Here - A lady no one notices seeks help from our narrator.

If I Should Wake Before I Die - A scientist tries to develop a weapon for defense, but he cannot prevent it from being used to cause great evil.

One For The Book - Faster than the speed of sound is nothing for this pilot. Why he's so fast he...

Gem Of The Purest Ray - Is it murder if the victims are not from Earth, but from the sea world of Atlantis?

3000 Words - A side show act has some serious issues.

The Third Man's Story - The story of Cain & Able.. from Cain's perspective.

Inquest - An experimental type of inquest, unlike any other inquest ever before or since.

The Ticket Taker -You know it's the end of the line when the ticket taker appears. But what if you could avoid him?

Wear The Dead Man's Coat - A bum kills for a warm coat but discovers he must pay a high price for his free prize.

In The House Where I Was Born - A memorial day program that deals with memories of people, homes, and the wars fought to protect both.

Little Visitor - Our narrator can not remember his childhood, and yet, a young boy could hold the key.

Adam And The Darkest Day -Only three people survive the war to end all wars. Now what?

Berlin, 1945 - A Christmas story that revolves around overseas soldiers and a stranger that visits them.

The Hat, The Bed & John J. Catherine -A failed actor has some disturbing dreams.

Some People Don't Die - A researcher of ancient cliff dwellers has a strange theory about them.

I Always Marry Juliet - A Shakespearian actor who plays Romeo always seems to marry the other lead, time after time.

Summer Goodbye - While eluding the police, a couple on the lamb realize all the hitchhikers look exactly alike.

The Man Who Stole A Planet - An Archeologist exploring an ancient Myan pyramid makes a startling discovery.

A Night To Forget - A man has premonitions of his own death.

Meet John Smith, John - Two men live parallel lives many years apart.

The Other Side of the Stars - Aliens from a near by star continue an earlier theme raised in another episode (Nothing Beyond The Door).

We Were Here First - The early days of Earth were dominated by two races; one was of giants, and the smaller race had to fight for survival.

The Smell of High Wines - A special smell take on special meaning.

Quiet Please - A visitor from space explains what happened to his race and how it came to an end.

Nothing Behind The Door - Aliens from a far off star know some strange thing we'll have a hard time believing.

How Are You Pal? - A surprise reunion occurs with even more surprising results.

Calling All Souls - An man wrongly sentenced to death wants help from those who were killed.

Let The Lilies Consider - A husband falls in love with his flowers, and oddly enough, the feeling is mutual.

Portrait of a Character - Flawed persons are observed and considered.

Take Me Out To The Graveyard - A taxi driver gets repeated requests to go to the deadest part of town.

Tap The Heat, Bogdan - Working in a steel mill is dangerous work. Especially if someone wants to murder you.

Three - Out host is crazy about the number three. Here's why.

Symphony In D Minor - A hypnotist uses an unusual piece of music to put his subjects into a trance.

Pavane - One of the few repeated episodes (The Girl With The Flaxen Hair)

Not Responsible After 30 Years - Our narrator explains why he had to rob an old corpse of it's watch.

Beezer's Cellar - Robbers think they've found a perfect hiding place for their ill gotten loot: An old haunted cellar.

Little Fellow - A midget is granted three wishes.

I Have Been Looking For You - A love story of a couple who have difficulty finding one another.

I Remember Tomorrow - A time traveler explains how he's going to get killed.. yesterday.

A Red And White Guidon - When confronting Indians in the old west, one could always hope the Cavalry would arrive just in time. But what if you're in the Cavalry and in trouble?

Good Ghost - A murder get help from a most unusual source. the ghost of a man he killed.

Bring Me To Life - They say life sometimes imitates art, but what if life comes to life to imitate art?

Kill Me Again - Would you sell your soul for a million dollars? Better read the fine print.

The Room Where Ghosts Live - As he lies dying, a man discusses what-- and who-- awaits beyond the final curtain.

Shadow Of The Wings - A sick little girl thinks an invisible someone or something is watching her just out of sight. She's right.

Valentine - A couple suffers separation for months, and finally reunites just before Valentine's day.

Come In, Eddie - Roommates don't think they are the only ones living in a house. Something else is..

The Oldest Man In The World - A small group finds shelter in an ancient caves and encounter a surprise.

Rain on New Year's Eve - A writer begins to identify with one of his more horrible creations of fiction.

The Time of the Big Snow - A group of kids get lost in a snow storm and find more than their way home.

And Jeannie Dreams of Me - She's the girl of his dreams, but only in his dreams. How can they ever be together?

Cornelia - A love story as told by one of the lovers in flashback.

How Beautiful Up On The Mountain - Mountain climbers are obsessed with climbing Mount Everest. Will conquering it help them change? Or make things worse?

Is This Murder? - A robot maker searches for a good brain, one that can be trusted with such power.

Baker's Dozen -The story of the invisible juror. Number 13.

Very Unimportant Person - The world ends and who's the king of the junk pile?

Never Send To Know - A dead man wants justice, and he turns to a detective to solve his crime.

Be A Good Dog, Darling! - A salesman tells a surprising story about what happened to his wife.

Anonymous - An anonymous call demanding the listener drops dead causes some mischief. No i

The Little Morning - A strange traveler explains how he's going to visit his lost love. Long, long lost.

It's Later Than You Think - A soldier discovers he can adjust time by adjusting his watch.

Not Enough Time - Love and time travel collide in this story.

A Time To Be Born And A Time To Die - A life of regret is remembered.

12 to 5 - What would you do if you knew the future. just 30 minutes before it happened?

Presto Change-O, I'm Sure - The power to make things disappear leads to some startling consequences.

The Man Who Knew Everything - A man with great powers to predict foresees danger for someone who doesn't.

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