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According to Hickerson, this is a 1947 series with only two shows in circulation (Hickerson, 443). So far, I've only been able to find one of them, "The Cyprian Cat" (based on the 1940 short story by Dorothy L. Sayers). Without hearing more, it's difficult to say if any of the scripts were original, or if (like in Sayers' story) they were all adaptations lifted from literature. The acting and plot in this one story are rather dated, giving it a special charm (if you enjoy corny horror). My favorite parts are the opening and closing segments, which seem to take themselves very seriously. Between programs that are terrifying and ones that only think they are, this series seems to fall squarely ito the latter camp (and I do mean, camp.) After all, who can avoid getting scared when it's nighttime... Darkness... The hours when ancient mysteries and strange happenings walk the hidden corridors of the Earth.

The Standard Intro:

(SFX: Music: Hammond organ plays stings after each phrase.)

Announcer: "Night time... Darkness... The hours when ancient mysteries and strange happenings walk the hidden corridors of the Earth... Here is he who tells these stories, weird and strange... This is Supernaturally Yours."

Host: "Tonight's story that is Supernaturally Yours is called... 'The Cyprian Cat.'"


An Opening Narration:

Man: "And so, I'm going to be hanged. Hanged! For shooting a cat!

(SFX: Music sting.)

Man: "It's decent of you to come and see me Harrison, though they tell me it's a hopeless sort of a case. I've told them the whole story, but I'll tell it to you again. They don't believe me. I should make up something more plausible. What's the use? I'd fall down somewhere if I tried to swear to a lie. What I'm going to tell you is the absolute truth! Harrison, I fired one shot, and one shot only. And that... was at the cat!"


The Standard Closing:

Host: "The book is closed. The story, over. And so, until next time we meet in the hours of darkness. (Inaudible) and ghosties, and long legged beasties, and things that go bump in the night, may heaven deliver us. We remain Supernaturally Yours."

SFX: Music.

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"The Cyprian Cat" - A friend visits an old acquaintance and his mysterious wife, and is soon placed in jail for murder. But he claims what he shot wasn't human at all.

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