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The most frightening horror is that which you cannot see, except in your imagination!

The Digital Dele Too. - Good source of info on OTR with info and photos of obscure series.

Radio Gold Index - A giant listing and short synopsis of recordings by David Goldin.

Old Time Radio Researcher's Group - OTRR-pedia is dedicated to building a database of info on the people who made OTR.

OTRRpedia index (for cast members, episodes, etc.)

OTRR Radio Logs - dedicated to verifying what episodes played when.

OTRR Library of Shows - A giant archive of OTR shows (requires password). library of OTR shows. offers tons of free Real Audio files of classic shows.

Radio offers lots of free downloads of numerous OTR shows. not only sells MP3 disks of OTR, but also offers a free sample and basic information on each series. has lots of free OTR downloads. is a good source of actual broadcast logs.

Calfkiller Old Time Radio supplies many MP3 free downloads.

Original Old (MP3 disks for sale of "rare treasures")

Here are some links to other resources of radio horror and science fiction. - Old Time Radio index directory of various on line downloads (requires Application/X -Shockwave - Flash plug-in)'s radio library with 100 old radio horror classics for on-line listening: - A free online archive of old time radio MP3's. Be sure to check out their archive link at for an even longer list of old time radio shows for download.

Generic Radio Script Library - It has many of the OTR scripts for free downloads.

More scripts via OTRR group.

Radio Showcase: Tons of tapes for sale and a very nice guy too! Has some very rare stuff.

The Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Radio Drama, Variety, Adventure, Comedy (SPERDVAC)

The OTR Plot Spot (A giant indext of Science Fiction and Horror radio drama plots/ synopsis).

The OTR Plot Summaries page (More summaries of other types of shows, including murder and dectective shows that often cross over into Horror.)

The Quiet Please fan site. A great site for Quiet Please devotees. Includes forums and radio downloads.

The Television Horror Host Underground site:

E-Gors Chamber of TV Horror Hosts: - The source of our Real Audio sound clips. - Actual detailed logs showing when each episode of each show first aired. A great source for research on OTR.

The Nightfall Fan Website:

Articles by Martin Grams about OTR.


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