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Holy Icon Index

Like any good religious man, Papa Joe spends his time sitting around and doing nothing but meditating on the importance of his faith. While his mind is in the clouds, he keeps the devil out of his hands by hand painting religious icons. As he says, "I make them so we'll have something to decorate the insides of the saucers... coz it will be a LONG journey to planet X!" Here's a preview of some of those 5 x 7 inch wooden icons you can expect to see in space after X day.


Like a true savior, "Bob" will descend from the heavens on X-day. But will it be in a plane, or something a little more advanced? And just who will be with him... or rather, WHAT will be with him? And will "Bob" be the same old feller we knew before? Or could he have gone through some interesting transformation and growth? We'll find out soon enough!


Satan's famous side-kick is revealed in this stunning candid shot. Perhaps the rebellious nature of Lucifer is now better understood. He was NOT a lone revolutionary but was merely a puppet on a string! And of course, that makes the devil a fall guy! But what exactly was he falling from? And even more importantly, what is it that he he really fell to?


The true sinister one. He who's name we dare not speak! The evil twin, the cruel anti-Messiah, the gangster ying-yangster, the beginning of the end!



The Conspiracy has been spinning it's web of deceit for eons.. now it's "Bob's" turn! Let them have a taste of their own poison. Let the pinks fell dangle in the wind and feel their own energy sucked out of their veins for once. Perhaps they'll return to their managerial jobs with a bit more empathy. But of course, there won't be any job or planet to after "Bob" returns to town!


Enlightenment can come at great cost to your physical health, but "Bob" seems to think it's worth it! Here, "Bob" is one with himself and the universe.. even though his kidneys probably checked out long ago.


Religious persicution has been occurring for centuries. But when "Bob" burns, he seems to enjoy it? Just was sort of revenge is he hiding behind that all knowing, trade-marked smirk?


"Bob" gets the fanatical respect he deserves, but if "Bob" is hailing us, just who is left to hail him? Perhaps the Hale Bopp comet took his Heaven's Gate brigade with him after all!


This unusual work highlights several of the most profound Subgenius beliefs in one eerie image: Subgenius Slack Master J.R. "Bob" Dobbs is trapped in an X-ist torture tube, yet smiles as if he's enjoying it. From the side, an X-ist Pain Professional turns the dials to "Eleven", but nothing seems to phase "Bob". Even as the burning hot heat pours down on Dobbs from the above heat lamp, "Bob" hair doesn't even curl. He's the luckiest S.O.B. in the galaxy! Little wonder he won over the X-ists in the end and struck a deal to save the Subgenius from the horrible fate awaiting most humans.

Of course, like most of of Papa Joe's works, this one has a deeper, darker interpretation as well. This could be a scene from the future instead of the past. "Bob" could be helping the X-ist test the torture tube for use on humans on X-day. His knowing smirk could be a mocking indication that the tube is solid and inescapable. His gleeful expression would be a disturbing reminder of what pinks and normals have in store for them on that final day. So sinister is "Bob's" excitement about the horrible pain and suffering in store for his enemies, that even the X-ist at the control board seems a bit worried... You be the judge.

This icon includes the omniscient "Bob" eyes that follow you wherever you view it. A prize piece in any Subgenius collection!


Perhaps one of the most mis-understood and controversial of Papa Joe's works, Bulldog Bob is an Icon that doesn't just provoke questions, it provokes arguments! Subgenius Scholars have several theories. Societies most hateful philosophies oppose one another from opposite extremes: Nazi blood suckers verses the parasitical tick of Zionism... both determined to destroy each other despite the cost to themselves or others. But "Bob" stands as a bull work between the two. By attacking him, the two zealots can co-exist in harmony, allowing the planet to survive yet another day. No doubt both pests cause discomfort to "Bob", but once again, he seems unconcerned.

Another theory has it that "Bob" is the host to hateful parasitical philosophies and religions. They grow strong from his blood, then fall off and attack other would be passers by. This is certainly a more cynical interpretation, and more akin to the Holocaustal branch of The Church.

Once again, "Bob's" omniscient eyes follow you wherever you view it. This piece is not recommended for the faint of heart!


Can "Bob" actually deal with the devil and surprise him too? This piece seems to suggest so. Subgenius Art Experts believe HELLRAISER BOB turns conventional Church teachings on its head: "Bob" works a deal with the demons, only to trick them in the end. It parallels the Subgenius belief that "Bob" sold the Earthfarm to X-ists Aliens for a profit, but worked a deal to spare his chosen Subgenius race and send them to the X-ists home planet - only to have them take it over for themselves! Like the Hellraiser Canobite, the X-ists get a little more than they bargained for...

Unless... unless the trick is on US instead of the demons. What if the expression on the Canobite isn't surprise, but just an ugly frown? "Bob" was in the Mystery Box all along, as were the hooked chains waiting to grab anyone foolish enough to open the box. Could this mean that "Bob" used the humor to draw us in and unwittingly make a pack with the devil, one that would condemn us all to damnation?

Then again, it could be an innocent icon having nothing to do with heaven or hell. Perhaps it is only meant to signify the playfulness of "Bob". He enjoys taunting the Satanists as much as he does the other religions. Any ideology is worth teasing in the eyes of "Bob".

And speaking of eyes, "Bob's" eyes continue to follow the viewer no matter where they stand. Does this deity ever stop watching over the Subgenius? Let's hope not!


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