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Images & info about the man who defines Dobbs' Darker Side...

Papa Joe Hammers the Pinks at Xday 2012

Just Who The Hell Is He?

Revered and feared at the same time, Papa Joe Mama has long been one of "Bob" Dobbs' most enigmatic preachers. Critics charge that he is the Subgenius personification of evil. (Destroying the Earth and all its inhabitants is just ONE of his ambitious goals.) Perhaps The Southern Poverty Law Center summed him up best when they said Papa Joe represents "hate, hate, and more hate."

Papa Joe seems to feed on the controversy. He divides the Subgenius Church into two camps: Ivangelicals (the liberal church "intellectuals" who only wish to enslave humanity) and the Holocaustals (the ruthless church "soldiers" who plot to euthanize all non-subgenius entities).

If you're one of the many Hour of Slack listeners who are frightened by his hell-fire rants, don't worry: This feeling is completely normal. Remember, you're not being paranoid if someone really is out to get you! But you can take comfort in knowing that you have until July 5th, before you need to panic. What can you expect when it happens? We suggest you let Papa Joe tell you in his own words. Study his rants on the Hour of Slack, and send all your money to "Bob". Like Papa Joe so wisely said, "It is more blessed to burn your money than it is to burn in hell!"


- Sermon Samples -

Hear Papa Joe's PUMPING BOB!

This rant was delivered live on the air on KNON, Dallas Texas, sometime in the late 1980s. Papa Joe was drove through sleet and ice to get there, but Stang had a bad cold and had to stay home. Will 'o Dobbs engineered the show and played random background music, which coincidently happened to match up to the message perfectly. (Of course, only people who don't believe in conspiracies believe in coincidences!)


Hear Papa Joe's THE X-IST MEN!

This rant was delivered live at a devival in Tampa, immediately after the release of the first Xmen Movie. It demonstrates the insidious nature of Hollywood's Brain Washing abilities. Unfortunately, we'll experience a lot more of these type of propaganda films before the Xist destroy the West Coast with gravitational beams and life shattering Earth quakes.



Just after the 9/11 attacks, Papa Joe delivered this inspirational rant in Hamburg Germany. It was delivered within three weeks of the Suicide attacks and accurately predicts all the events that have happened since.. and what's still to come. This "Sermon from the German" was delivered TO the Germans in a packed underground bunker (seriously!) . You can even hear the sound of the subway trains rumbling past at various points. This recording was smuggled out by our agents at great cost!

You can also watch "The Manipulation of Man" sermon from the same tour on Youtube here. (It starts right after the money burning.)

A Sample of Papa Joe Mama's 9-11 Predictions

Papa Joe Mama Comic Cover

Priceless Rants on Tape!

(Due to closeness of the final Xday, these tapes are no longer for sale, but you can hear them on the Hour of Slack.) Find out why Papa Joe is the official Pope of Purgatory!

See the covers and titles of each rant: Visit The HATE RANT Index!

Want to download a picture of ALL Papa Joe's tape covers & titles? Tap ol' Satan on the shoulder. HE'LL be glad to help...

Laughing Satan

The Vicious ATF Rumor

The ATF says that even though society has closed its eyes and ears to the Subgenius danger, the Bureau has shocking evidence that "Bob" is organizing crime, brainwashing, and revolt! Exactly what kind of evidence do they have? And how did they get it? They claim to have an informant working within the Subgenius Church at the highest levels-- but is it really the preacher they say it is? Or is it all part of a clever orchestrated scheme to get the Subgenius Church to oust one of its most provocative Apostles? YOU DECIDE.

Hear I Was A Communist For The ATF!

Religious "Art"ifacts

Of course, nothing can compare with a LIVE subgenius devival. So as real as the tapes may sound, they do have certain disadvantages. For instance: Tape listeners can never get blood spilt on them from the bleeding head of Arnold Palmer. Another down side is that the live shows offer subgenius art and religious relics for sale. Fortunately, you can now view some of these objects d'art in your home via The Web. Here are a few samples of Papa Joe Mama's holy icons. Like everything else in The Church, they're for sale at shows where Papa Joe appears:

Abducted Dobbs IconBulldog Bob Icon

Above: Abducted Dobbs, Bulldog Bob, and Hellraiser Bob


Hellraiser Icon


Slave to Fashion

Papa Joe... A Slave to Fashion?

It's true! Some accuse this man of the cloth of being JUST THAT! A clothes horse! (Or is it clothes whore?) Peer into his closet and decide for yourself...


Are you carrying a heavy burden, friend? Then perhaps you need to CONFESS your PINKNESS to Papa Joe via The Church of the Subgenius Electronic Computer Confessional.

Oh, what a shame... The NSA shut it down because too many inflamatory key words were clogging their spyware programs. But be not dismayed. We've cataloged a few for educational purposes. See them HERE!

Those who confess sleep better at night (sorta).


Visit Papa Joe's ARCHIVES


Aboard the SubG Sub

Papa Joe prods another Demonoid of Doom aboard a Sub G Sub.


Praise "Bob"!


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