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Classic Devivals:

Papa Joe Rants

X-Day 2012

Not again! We went, we saw, we were left behind... But it was still worth it (perhaps). See shots of Papa Joe at the 2012 X-day Drill here.

The "You're A-Pee-On" Tour

The 2002 Hamburg to London trip


Papa Joe in Germany? Not again! (The first time cost 50 million lives!) It was a blast and many threw themselves on their swords for "Bob". You can see the old tour list so you can follow in their blood tracts and recreate this classic pilgrimage.

XX-Day 1999 Report

It was a disaster... for the PINKS! Click here for a brief report.

Savannah 1998 Devival show

The two most hateful preachers tag team the pinks at the Velvet Elvis--- just months before X-day! Download actual segments of this historic show!

Read Papa Joe's Confidential Report on the Elvis Experience!


Stang, Pope Meyers, Papa Joe & More!

The infamous Seattle 1998 Show

The "Trial" of Papa Joe-- warts and all!

Okay, so he cost "Bob" some bucks... but he also put the fear of Dobbs in The Con. Does that make him a hero or a half wit? YOU be the JUDGE! To review a blow by blow report by our own unbiased reporter, go here.


Janor & Papa Joe on 9/11! (that's a decade earlier)

Dixie B & Author Kill's report on the Sept 11th, 1992 Show at the Savannah Theater (GA).

Sorry, that report has been lost to the sands of time! But perhaps as we travel light speed to Planet X, we will overtake the "live" radio transmission of it in space, and be able to hear it once more. The only problem with that is we would have to listen to it in reverse order (unless we decide to return to Earth and go the opposite direction, and the only reason we would possibly do that is to stock up on more long pig.)



(above: Child levitates under influence of Papa Joe)

This time it's for REAL! Check out the subsite's "EVENTS" section for details!


The King is Dead! Long Live The King!

Once upon a time, there was a King. He inspired many people to do many things-- not all of them very nice.

To read "I Murdered Love-- Confessions of a King Killer" go here.


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