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Later in the 1980s, Kuersteiner moved to Palo Altoto to work at KZSU 90.1 FM. There were plenty of vibrant alternative/ punk radio programs already on the air in that area, so he went a new direction with a 90 minut eold time radio drama series. (Ssixty episodes later, it went to an one hour format with a different host.) Both versions featured black humor delivered by the host between dramas. The early 90 minute episodes had The Count (played by Kuersteiner, who "channeled" SCTV's Count Floyd), and the 60 minute version was hosted by Dr. Morgan (played by Rich Kaybrich, who sounded like a cross between The Mysterious Traveler and Boris Karloff). Here are some of the article archives and posters for the series.

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Article Archives

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Journal of College Radio on KZSU

Feature on Rick Kaybrich

Rick Kaybrich Obituary 1 _ Rick Kaybrich Obituary 2

Tommy, Corry, and Kurt

Tommy Smeltzer, Corry Smith, and Kurt Kuersteiner at Dopler Studios recording Lost And Found (one of many original radio dramas for the series)



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