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(downloaded from 2003)

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N/A (Different host with a different format)

Beginning of Morgan's Reign of Terror! (Listed is episode #, show title, then Series title- and comments about story when possible)


Oxycholide X (Lights Out) <A scientist discovers an acid that dissolves everything... EVERYthing!>

The New Moon Murders (Mystery Playhouse) <Our first original show, featuring a conventional murder plot but with plenty of twists!>


Revolt of the Worms (Lights Out) <A scientist creates a grown harmony, just for roses... he THINKS!>

The House on Cypress Canyon (Suspense) <A great thrill ride using flash backs about a certain house that turns it's owners into, well, flesh eaters!>


Gun for Dinosaur (X minus 1) <A time traveler takes hunters back to the golden age of hunting... before man!>

Leinengan vs. The Ants (Escape) <The classic tale about man's determination to beat back nature!>


Death Stalks The Shadow (The Shadow) <You know what the Shadow is about: The Invisible crusader who terrorizes the underworld!>

The Parade (X minus 1) <Great publicity stunt! A big Martian parade to promote a new movie- only wait- there ISN'T any movie...>


Murder Castle (Lights Out) <A house that keeps killing people by design>

Thing on the Fourbleboard (Quite Please) <Really creepy tale about an invisible creature brought up from the Earth via an oil drill!>


The Earth Abides (Escape) <The End of the world, not with a bang but a whimper... and then the slow rebound of humanity!>


Super feature (Lights Out) <A strange tale about a movie projector that lets the monsters leave the screen!>

Three Skeleton Key (Escape) <One of the best tales ever, a lighthouse terrorized by a ship full of ravenous rats! Staring Vincent Price.>


Sub-Basement (Lights Out) <Man plots to kill his wife in the factory basement, but he didn't plan on what already lives down there!>

Return to Dust (Suspense) <What happens if you shrink and keep shrinking? It ain't pretty!>


Death in Studio B (Lights Out) <They want to record a Lights Out Show, but the coffin guy keeps interrupting. What does he want?>

Incident at Switch path (Beyond Tomorrow) <The old west encounters the strangest things they've ever seen in the sky!>


The Corpse that Wasn't There (Green Hornet) <The Green Hornet takes on Crime with Kato and his Sting Gun!>

Martian Chronicles (X minus 1) <Mars has a way of changing those who try to conquer it. Almost like Revenge...>


Real Gone (X minus 1) <Another shrink story, like REALLY way out!>

The Crawling Death (Mystery Playhouse) <Not our best original show, but kinda creepy. Involves the severed hand of Irish legend.>


The Big Event (CBS Radio Theater) <If memory serves, this is about a day when all statistics go haywire!>

The Green Hills of Earth (Dimension X) <A tale about the most famous singing spaceman of all time. Kinda sappy, yet hard not to be moved by.>


Projective Mr. Drogen (Lights Out) <He can walk through solid objects, but for how long?>

Soldier Boy (X minus 1) >Go to the future and see the incredible War. Go back in time and try and stop it!>


State Executioner (Lights Out) >Killing for the State. It's a good job, no bones about it!>

Snake Doctor (Escape) <A country boy uses the snakes like a witch doctor. Greed gets the better of his neighbors, but revenge is sweet!>


Time Machine (Escape) <H.G. Wells classic tale about the incredible future!>

Three O'clock High (Suspense) <A man plots to blow up his wife, but doesn't plan on what someone else might be scheming...>


Tiptoe Through the Tombstones (Mystery Playhouse) <An original short piece, kinda funny, kinda creepy, kinda weird.

Diabolic (Mystery Playhouse) <Based on the French Movie, another original piece that has it moments but also it's flaws>


Special to Hollywood (Hollywood Radio Theater) <Some story about a glamour gal that has everything, but suddenly looses it.>

Hostess (X minus 1) <Creepy tale about another creature that visits Earth, and the disturbing secret he knows about humanity.>


War of the Worlds -the movie (Hollywood Radio Theater) <Cool rendition of the movie by George Pal>

Rare Interview with H.G. Wells & Orson Welles >Interesting discussion between both these creative giants, with Welles talking about his new upcoming film, Citizen Kane!


Pictures Don't Lie (X minus 1) <Clever story about visitors to Earth who believe what they see a little too much!>

Universe (Dimension X) <We all know our history. At least we THINK we do. But what if we're wrong?>


Country of the Blind (Escape) <If everyone were blind and you weren't, that would make YOU the FREAK... and nobody likes a FREAK!>

The Shipment of Mute Fate (Escape) <SCARY tale of a deadly snake that gets loose on a ship. Very effective narrative!>


The Last Martian (X Minus 1) <Sad tale about intolerance and man's inhumanity to inhumans.>

Report from a Dead Planet (Suspense) <Our explorers find a beautiful world destroyed by it's own greed and hatred. Sad yet all too possible.>


A Sense of Wonder (X Minus 1) <Curiosity killed the cat... sometimes the master too!>

The Outer Limit (Dimension X) <A jet disappears for several hours, and returns with an unbelievable story!>


Lost Horizons (Lux Radio Theater) <Based on the movie of a city where everyone lasts for ever!>

#83 (X-mas Show)

Miracle for Christmas (Grand Central Station) <A touching Christmas tale.>

The Cave (Escape) <Another Christmas tale with a happy ending.>

#84 (X-mas Show)

Christmas Story (Dragnet) <Who would steal the Baby Jesus? The truth will make you cry.>

It's a Wonderful Life (Screen Director's Guild) <Great story about how each of us changes the world, sometimes dramatically.>


Miracle on 34th Street (Hollywood Radio Theater) <Is Santa real? Maybe more real than any of us imagine!>


A Christmas Carol (Cambel Playhouse (w/ Orson Welles)) <Ghostly Christmas tale! Learn from others the cost of selfishness!>

#87 (New Year's Show)

The Veldt (Dimension X) <Bradbury's super story about the holographic room.>

If You Believe (Mysterious Traveler) <Can popular opinion become a self fulfilling prophecy? Better hope not!>


The Shadow People (Hall of Fantasy) <They watch us from the shadows, and if you threaten them, they'll come for YOU!>

Abominable Snowman (Escape) <The legends are true, he lives but those who try to catch him will pay dearly!>


Come with me to the Bank (Lights Out) <An awesome power is abused with disastrous consequences!>

The Crawling Thing (Hall of Fantasy) <You never realize what protection your size offers you, until something small is suddenly your size... and deadly!>


Donovan's Brain (Suspense) <Great classic tale about the brain that wouldn't die!>


Chain of Command (X Minus 1) <Science fiction story of futuristic soldiers>

Rats in The Wall (H.P. Lovecraft) <Creepy tale of a New England man that goes beyond the reach of sanity and humanity.>


The Hand (CBS Mystery Theater) <A Great tale of a hand that want's revenge!>


Bathysphere (Lights Out) <2/3rds of the planet are covered by water and mostly unexplored. Until now!>

The Life Boat Mutiny (X minus 1) <Hilarious science fiction about an alien craft that's still fighting a war long since over.>


Carnival of Death (The Shadow)

Back Seat Driver (Suspense) <Ozzy & Harriet star in this unusual thriller.>


Mars is Heaven (Escape) <Another Bradbury classic, where Mars isn't really heaven, but more like hell!>

Behind the Locked Door (The Mysterious Traveler) >Creepy tale about someone (or something) left alone in a cave for way too long!>


Death Prowls at Night (The Shadow)

The Hangman's Rope (Hall of Fantasy) <Eerie tale about a hangman's curse that will leave you hanging in suspense!>


The Creeper (Mol'ee Mystery Theater) <Crazy criminal on the loose- nobody is safe- are you?>

The Martian Death March (X minus 1) <Sad tale about how we stole Mars away from the Martians, kinda familiar to something we did on Earth...>


The Man the Insects Hated (Mysterious Traveler) <He hates 'em all right, but not near as much as they hate HIM!>

The Chain (The Black Museum) <Based on a true story of murder evidence kept at Scotland yard!>


Mirage (Lights Out)

The Night the Fog Came (Hall of Fantasy) <Spooky tale about a fog that kills!>


The Voice (The Shadow)

Suicide (Mystery Playhouse) <One of our best efforts, fast paced and exciting, but as time passes, it's becoming more science than fiction!>


Star Bright (X Minus 1) <This kid is smart. TOO smart. Could she be dangerous?>

Death Across The Board (Inner Sanctum) <Some killers have strange hobbies besides killing.This one has a "thing" for chess!>


The Giant of Thermoplae (Suspense) <An amusement attraction is used as a deadly device of murder.>

The Mask of Medussa (Mystery In the Air) <Peter Lorre stars as a man who discovers the terrible secret of a stone cutter!>

#103 (Independence Day)

Yankee Doodle Dandy (Screen Director's Guild) <The true story of George C. Cohan, American's song writer.>

A Tooth for Paul Revere (Escape) <A patriotic tale of what really happened to Paul Revere (maybe)>


Spellbound (Screen Director's Guild) <You'll never want to sit on a couch again! It's psychiatry with an emphasis on Psycho!>


Visitor from Hades (Lights Out) <From Hell it came, and getting it to go back isn't easy.>

The Man Who Knew How (Suspense) <Knowledge can be a dangerous thing!>


The Creeper (The Shadow)

August Heat (Suspense) <Hot weather makes people do desperate things. Sometimes MURDEROUS things!>


Society of the Living Dead (The Shadow)

Bird of Death (The Haunting Hour) <Canaries aren't the only birds that can sing. Check out this black bird of death!>


Double Exposure (The Whistler)

Time and Time Again (Dimension X) <Surprise! Another neat time travel story!>


The Word (Lights Out)

Fugue in C Minor (Suspense) <Vincent Price stars as a guy who can kill with music. Literally!>


Death from the Deep (The Shadow)

The Pit and the Pendulum (Suspense) <It's a terrible torture, a slow way to go, and gives the victim plenty of time to THINK.>


The War of the Worlds (Mercury Theater on the Air) <The radio classic that sent millions heading to the hills in terror, thinking America was under attack.>


Frankenstein (Suspense) <Mary Shelly's masterpiece of horror about man creating monster>

The Pink Powder Puff (The Black Museum) <Another item used to kill, then used as evidence to kill again- the culprit!>


The Match (Escape) <It's a simple item. But your life could depend on it- and does!>

A Pail of Air (X minus 1) <And you though WINTER was cold!>


Phantom of the Lighthouse (The Shadow)

Chandu, the Magician (Premiere episode) <Interesting first episode of the magician with strange and unusual powers.


The Giant of Maldris (The Shadow)

Ghost Always Get the Last Laugh (Inner Sanctum) <Murder, and revenge from the grave. How sweet it is!>


The Chill of Death (The Shadow)

Four Fingers and a Thumb (The Witches Tale) <Another severed hand tale, kinda campy but creepy too.>


The Sitter (Boris Karloff)

Gas Light (Based on the Movie) <She's not crazy, at least, she doesn't THINK she is... or is she? Spooky!>


The Face (The Shadow)

Colony (X minus 1) <Pretty cool sci-fi tale about the unexpected dangers of a new planet. Great ending too!>


1984 (NBC University Theater <How bad can the future get? We're still finding out today!>


Brave New World (CBS Radio Workshop) <The science is getting more real every day! It's a future where people are "designed".>


The Canterville Ghost (Lux Radio Theater) <An upbeat ghost story about a bumbling and cowardly ghost- but one with a good heart.>


Arsenic and Old Lace (Based on the movie) <The classic story about two "crazy" sisters who poison their guests and the nephew who tries to keep them out of trouble.>


Violent Night (Escape) <Action and adventure in typical "Escape" fashion.>

Death is a Joker (Inner Sanctum) <Talk about a cruel sense of humor, this killer has it!>


I'll Never Forget You (Lux Radio Theater) <A love story.>


The House that Death Built (The Shadow)

The Chicken Heart That Ate the World (Mystery Playhouse) <One of our campy remake of the famous "lost" Lights' Out Classic. Quite over the top!>


Murder Comes at Midnight (Inner Sanctum) <A dead relative haunts the killer and wants revenge.>

Conqueror's Isle (Escape) <It's an Island with a history of violence and death- even today.>


The Three Ghosts (The Shadow)

Poltergeist (Lights Out) <Three women at Christmas time have the time of their lives... and death.>


The Walking Corpse (The Shadow)

The Guilty Always Run (Suspense) <You wouldn't run unless you were guilty, right? That's what most people think!>


Murder by the Book (Suspense) <Plans for murder often go wrong. The more they're planned, the more likely a surprise!>

The Last Survivor (Mysterious Traveler) <Lucky are the dead when you're the last man alive.>


The Mystery of the Mary Celest (Suspense) <When a ship is found empty, everyone wonders what happened to her crew?>

Nice To Meat You (Mystery Playhouse) <Our Holiday story about a mad killer with an unusual way of disposing of the bodies...>


Habit (Escape) <The problem with habits is that they're hard to stop. Even when your life depends on it.>

The Roads Must Roll (X minus One) <In the future, the roads move people and society is depended on them to survive. Then one day...>


The Rocket (X Minus 1) <You never know what might come down from the heavens...>

The Spider (Lights Out) <It's amazing what a threat a little creature can become if increased in size.>


The Poison Death (The Shadow)

Murder at Twin Pines (The Whistler) <She had it all planned out. But there was ONE detail that she did not count on...>


Dr. Grimshaws Sanitarium (X Minus 1) <The inmates have taken over the sanitarium here, and who will be their next experiment?>

Too Little to Live On (Suspense) <Greed leads many people to destruction- a case study!>


Tenor with a Broken Voice (The Shadow)

The Souvenir (Mystery Playhouse) <One of our science fiction stories about an expedition that lands on a dead planet- which suddenly comes back alive!>


Playback (Cape Cod Radio Mystery Theater) <A thoughtful tale which shows just how subtle sound can be, and how it can help solve a murder!>


Life Boat (Screen Director's Playhouse) <Ship wreck survivors fight the elements and each other on a life boat in the middle of the sea.>


Shadow of a Doubt (Screen Director's Playhouse) <Just think: Every killer has a family and friends who probably love him. This one fooled them all- almost.>


The African Queen (Lux Radio Theater) <A classic adaption about a boat caught in the middle of a war in the middle of nowhere.>


The Juvenile Rebellion (Suspense)

Panic (The Whistler)


The Tomb of Terror (The Shadow)

The Golden Snake (Escape) <Greedy explorers go to far to rob a sacred treasure, and pay the price!>


Red Wine (Escape)

Junkyard (X minus One) <Space is big, dangerous and full of traps. This one could be one of the most subtle traps of all!>


The Birds (Theater Guild of The Air) <After generations of abuse by man, our feathered friends fight back!>


The Phantom of the Opera (Lux Radio Theater) <The classic tale about the mad musician that will do anything for his beloved, including murder.>


The Ghostbreakers (Screen Director's Playhouse) <Monsters and ghouls prevent a woman from claiming her inheritance- until now!>

The Hands of Mr. Ottermole (Suspense) <Vincent Price stars as a cop determined to catch a mad murderer.>


Casting The Runes (Escape) <A scientist attempts to disprove the powers of the supernatural, only to discover he's been cursed.>

Let the Lilies Consider (Quiet Please) <A very strange case where revenge against the killer is pretty weird!>


Murder and Aunt Delia (Suspense)

Deadly Rumor (The Whistler)


The Find Help (Suspense)

Letter from Jason (Escape)


The Unidentified Body (The Haunting Hour)

The Pathetic Fallacy (Quiet Please) <Computers can do anything. Maybe even too much! This computer lets things get WAY out of hand!>


Murder One Million B.C. (The Strange Dr. Weird) <Time travel and murder. One is surprised to conceal the other- but doesn't.

Forever Again (Mystery Playhouse) <One of our lessor efforts. A love story and a mystery mixed together. Not suggested.>


The Command (Escape) <One of the bloodiest cowboy & Indian stories ever told. Very sobering.>

The Strange Case of Charles Umberstein (Suspense)


The War of the Worlds (Mercury Theater on the Air) <The historical broadcast that convinced millions of Americans that Martians were really attacking us.>


Beyond Good and Evil (Mystery in The Air)

Nuclear War of the Worlds (Mystery Playhouse) <Our modernized version of alien attack, only the creatures who do the dirty on us use our own weapons to do it!>


The Dance of the Devil Dolls (Hall of Fantasy) <Their just toys... of the devil! And where they walk, death soon follows.>

No One on the Line (Mysterious Traveler) <Another perfect murder plan that really blows up the face of the killer.>


A Case of Paranoia (Obsession)

The Knock (Dimension X) <What if you were the last man on Earth- and you were kept as a specimen? This sobering concept is explored with comic effect!>


Sir De Maletroit's Door (Escape) <It's a shot gun marriage before the age of fire arms- and a love story too.>

The Return from Death (Hall of Fantasy)


Castle by the Sea (Hermit's Cave) <The story of a castle that is cursed for generations, very SHORT lifetimes...>

A Red & White Guidon (Quiet Please) <Another cowboy and Indian story with graphic and bloody consequences. Very realistic.>


Song of the Slasher (Inner Sanctum) <Some folks like to whistle while they work, or hum, or just make murderous music!>

New Year's Nightmare (Mysterious Traveler) <New Years can be a terrifying holiday, especially if your memories are a little foggy.>


Mind of Murder (Inner Sanctum)

A Diamond as Big as the Ritz (Escape) <Pretty funny tale about the filthy rich, based on F. Scott Fitzgerold's humorous short story.>


Man from Tomorrow (Escape) <Another fun time travel story.>

Souls for Sale (Mystery Playhouse) <One of our murder tales. It proves that good intentions DO pave the pathway to hell...>


Paris Macabre (Lights Out) <Some visitors pick the wrong time and place to visit. These American's get a glimpse of France's bloody past!>

Kaleidoscope (Suspense) <Space can be very dangerous, and death can be sudden or real, real slow.>


Lust for Life (Lights Out)

How Love Came to Professor Guildea (Escape) <Creepy tale about a professor who realizes he is not alone- he's being "loved" from the great beyond!>


The House is Haunted (Lights Out) <Some houses just aren't good places to live in- at least, not for the living.>

The Lonesome Corpse (The Haunting Hour)


Rocket from Manhattan (Lights Out)

The Footprint (Escape)


The Chest (Lights Out)

Present Tense (Suspense) <Vincent Price stars as a killer who keeps reliving his life and death and murder.>


The Man Who Knew Everything (Mysterious Traveler)

The Devils Fortune (Inner Sanctum)


League of Terror (The Shadow)

Argyle Album (Suspense) <Sanitariums just aren't safe places to hang out, especially if some of the inmates are crazy AND clever.>


The Secret (X Minus 1)

Mission Complete (Suspense) <James Stewart stars as a vet who spots the commandant of his prison camp alive and well in the states.>


$3,000.00 (Lights Out) <A lottery ticket ends up costing a lot of lives before it's really paid for- in full!>

Murder on Mike (Suspense) <A washed up writer gets revenge just like in the movies. Stars Raymond Burr.>


Live Forever (Lights Out)

The Ring of Thoth (Escape) <An ancient religion continues to drag new followers in from the present against their will.>


Dream of Armageddon (Lights Out) <A man sleeps and rewakes in another time, or was he dreaming he was asleep? Either way, the dream turns into a nightmare.>

Riabouschenska (Suspense)


Five Canaries in a Room (Suspense) <Another murder tale with some clever mind games to determine the culprit.>

The Two Lives of Colby Fletcher (The Whistler) <Killers are good at concealing the truth, otherwise, no one would ever get away with it. Here's one that almost did!>


Back for Christmas (Suspense) <A man plots to kill his wife, and his wife plots to surprise her husband. Both succeed!>

If I Should Wake Before I Die (Quiet Please) <Is it real or is it a nightmare? You decide.>


One for the Book (Quiet Please) <A soldier finds a clock that allows him to adjust time, with some humorous results.>

The Final Reckoning (Creeps by Night) <Boris Karloff stars a convict bent on revenge against the gangster who set him up. Very suspenseful.>


Brill and the Gang (Gunsmoke) <And they say TV is violent, this was one bloody show! With William Conrad as Matt Dillion.>

Martian Sam (X minus 1) <A funny story about a baseball star who was really out of this world.>


The Lost (Dimension X)

Fall of the House of Usher (Escape) <Poe's eerie tale about a man haunted by his sister is convincingly recreated!>


The Ambassador of Poker (Escape) <You don't want to bet this guy ANYTHING!>

Something for Nothing (X minus 1) <A wishing box ends up proving the old saying is right: That there's no such thing as a free lunch.>


Wild Jack Rhett (Escape) <A wild west story with violence and action galore.>

Good Ghost (Quiet Please) <A fellow wakes up dead, but wants to settle a few scores before moving on. Humorous, yet eerie.>


Wild Oranges (Escape) <A sailing man finds a beautiful woman in need of assistance- placing them both in danger.>

To the Future (Dimension X) <Another great time travel tale.>


My Son John (Quiet Please) <A sad, melancholy story about a father who loses his only son in death... twice.>

Till Death Do Us Part (The Sealed Book) <Some times it's cheaper to divorce her than kill her. MUCH cheaper!>


Action (Escape) <The name says it all!>

The Insect (2,000 Plus) <A scientist grows insects with disastrous consequences.>


Commuter Ticket (Suspense)

Whence Came You (Quiet Please)


The Escape of Mr. Trim (Sleep No More) <A narrative about a prisoner who almost escapes, but has a very tough time of it!>

Dead Earnest (Suspense) <A fellow with an unusual sickness is mistaken for dead- and the suspense is pretty intense!


Grove of Ashtaroth (Escape)

Clarisa (Quiet Please) <I rather creepy tale about a fellow who stays at an old man's house and hears crying late at night, then meets the "missing" daughter.>


Shadow of The Wings (Quiet Please) <Another creepy episode about a sick girl who sees Death from the corner of her eye, much to the horror of her parents.>

When Worlds Meet (2,000 Plus) <Assuming friendly aliens visited Earth, what makes you think we would be friendly to THEM?>


The Rocket and the Skull (2,000 Plus) <A vital scientist has an accident and mankind MUST save him to get the information.>

The Earthmen (Escape) <Based on the Bradbury tale, astronauts go to Mars and get a must unusual reception.>


The Forth Man (Escape)

Time on my Hands (The Sealed Book) <When a scientist discovers eternal life, he sets forth a terrible line of events.>


Fatal Appointment (Escape)

On A Country Road (Suspense) <Carey Grant stars in this story about a couple who get in car trouble at the worst possible time- and the suspense it causes.>


Taboo (Escape)

Chance of a Ghost (Nightmare) <Pretty weird gangster tale where a criminal couple just can't seem to get rid of a corpse!>


The Man in Room 206 (Dark Venture)

The Invader (Escape) <They're coming to Earth, and their light years ahead of us. Are they a threat? Both sides are in for big surprise.>


The Man with the Stolen Face (The Sealed Book) <A criminal decides to take the identity of another man, but he makes a critical error.>

A Little Mourning (Quiet Please)


The Most Dangerous Game (Suspense) <A hunter seeks the greatest game- a human trophy!"

Dead of the Night (Escape) <The very first Escape pilot, based on the spooky movie about a dummy that isn't so dumb!>


The Leech (Nightmare)

And Jeannie Dreams of Me (Quiet Please) <This guy meets the woman of his dreams IN his dreams... and he can only figure out one way to stay with her.>


The Hunt (Creeps by Night)

The Brooklyn Brain (2,000 Plus) <Very funny comic story about a Brooklyn guy who wants to be smart, and takes a short cut to get there.>


Man Who Stole the Bible (Escape) <It's not a good idea to steal anything, but ESPECIALLY a holy book!>

The Dead Walk at Night (Inner Sanctum) <Some killers just can't seem to get away from their misdeeds- even the ones that are dead and rotting!>


Diary of a Madman (Escape) <Nazi troops in the desert try to elude capture, but can't escape the insanity of their commander.>

The Miser (Dark Venture) <An old lady demands respect with her money, but what she gets instead is a deep dark deed!>


Temple Bells of Neban (The Shadow)

The Roman (The Croupier) <When a deep fog covers the bay, a couple discover an old ship with a timeless warrior who longs for death.>


The Power of the Mind (The Shadow)

The Kettler Method (Suspense) <Stay away from those Sanitariums. You've got to be CRAZY to go there!>


Sea Legs (X Minus 1)

Bu'Jest (Escape) <Honor and loyalty go far in the desert as a group of brothers enlist rather than disgrace their family.>


Reflections of Death (The Shadow)

Lost and Found (Mystery Playhouse) <One of our best original tales about a criminal who encounters a super natural corpse, then can't escape it.>


The Silver Flask (Hall of Fantasy)

The Judas Clock (Inner Sanctum)*** <Has some squeaky tape in it, but a fun tale about a son who revenges his father's murder for an antique clock.>


Murder in Jazz Time (Mysterious Traveler) -<Has sound problems: A tale about a who kills to keep his wife, but gets far more trouble instead.>

The Black Art (Inner Sanctum) <<Slightly muffled sound.>>


Where do you get your Ideas? (Quiet Please) <Rather amusing tale about a writer who explains where he gets his sci-fi ideas- not all of them fiction!>

Ptolemy's Grave (The Haunting Hour) <An old tomb promises death to any who defile it. And sure enough, someone volunteers!>


100 in the Dark (Suspense)

Brief Pause for Murder (The Whistler) <A radio engineer comes up with a perfect alibi for murder. Well, almost perfect>


Hands of Death

Wish To Kill (Inner Sanctum)***


Graveyard Mansion (The Witches Tale) <A vampire tramp in New Orleans no less. Very eerie and atmospheric.>

The Listener (Inner Sanctum)***


The Planet Zevius (Mysterious Traveler)

The Temple of Huitilipochie (Hall of Fantasy) <Explorers go to far to defile a South American tomb, and the natives retaliate with madness and magic!>


The White God (The Shadow)

Nothing Up My Sleeve (Suspense)


The Black Path of Fear (Suspense) <Separating fact from paranoia isn't easy in this tale, but suspenseful. Stars John Danner.>

Death Pays the Freight (Inner Sanctum) <Great tale of draft dodger bum who encounters death on a train ride.>


Escape to Death (The Wizard of Black Castle) <A rare episode: A criminal is double crossed by a scientist. All voices by the narrator.>

The Black Giant (The Wizard of Black Castle) <Another rare episode, GIs encounter Japs and Giants in the Jungle. All voices by the narrator.>

Submarine Omega (Latitude Zero) <Only surviving episode of the rather cool super submarine series.>


Night (Lights Out) <No series is complete without the obligatory Holocaust tale and the mad Nazi haunted by it.>

Deep, Deep is my Love (Suspense) <Lloyd Bridges stars as a diver who falls in love with an underwater woman. Creepy and effective.>


My Beloved Must Die (The Sealed Book) <What some people will do for love. Talk about overkill!>

The Strands of Death (Inner Sanctum) <A nice guy killer- if there is such a thing- is hunted by police. He's crazy, he can't stop it- or can he?>


Vacation from Life (Mysterious Traveler)

The Man Who Thought He Was Edward G. Robinson (Suspense) <This guy thinks he's EG Robinson- and funny thing- he is!>


Voyage Through Darkness (Suspense)

The Devil and The Deep Blue Sea (Mysterious Traveler) <A treasure hunt at sea gets out of control as the divers start wanting more than their fair share.>


The Haunted Trailer (Mysterious Traveler) <Funny tale about a trailer that has a ghost in it, and the problems the owner has driving him out!>

The Voyages of Sinbad (Escape) <Neat tale of Sinbad and some of his incredible adventures. Very well done.>


The Reluctant Heroes (X Minus 1) <A Sad, somewhat sappy tale about astronauts who spend too much time on the moon, and the woman who make it happen.>

The Return (Escape)


The Trap (X Minus 1)

Flesh Peddler (Suspense) <Super tale about a talent scout who encounters an unusual act in a freak show. Stars Deforest Kelly. Really creepy.>


The Potters of Firsk (X Minus 1) <These aliens have a most bizarre talent and even weirder way of saving the souls of those they encounter.>

Evening Primrose (Escape) <Spooky tale about an entire society that comes alive after dark in deserted department stores.>


The Lady in Red (Mysterious Traveler)

2462 (Suspense) <A depressing futuristic tale about a fellow who's convicted to die for being a poet, and the sacrifice someone makes to save him.>


Beyond Infinity (X Minus 1) <You really could be living in a galaxy in someone's finger nail!>

Death Comes to Adolph Hitler (Mysterious Traveler) <Rather poor sound, but neat story about a sub escaping the war but not escaping justice.>


Requiem (X Minus 1)

Incident at Quito (Escape) <Neat head hunting tale in South America.>


Project Masterdon (X Minus 1) <Humorous tale about time travel and the politics of starting a new nation. Real new.>

The Fall of the House of Usher (Escape) <This is same Poe tale about a brother insane for his sister, but Morgan's remarks are even funnier this time!>


Child's Play (X Minus 1)

Pollack and the Porroh Man (Escape) <Based on the HG Welles tale about a fellow who kills a head hunter and has hell to pay. Really good.>


Target One (both 15 min. AND) A Haunted Corpse (X Minus 1) <A squeaky tape, but great story about time travelers sent back to kill Einstein.>

The Doll (Escape) <Wild murder plot about a step mother who gets to clever for her own good.>


Zero Hour (X Minus 1) <A squeaky tape, but great tale based on Bradbury's story of alien invasion "game".>

Larva (Mystery Playhouse) <Our original story about drug runners who encounter a lost ship at sea, and the horror they mistakenly aboard.>


The Dark wall (Escape)

Death of a Doll (Inner Sanctum)


The 7th Order (X Minus 1)

The Wax Work (Suspense) <There's something about wax museums and murder that go together, don't you think?>


The Devil in the Summer House (Suspense) <Trying to figure a murder years later can be rather interesting, eh inspector??

Raised from the Dead (Obsession)


The Devil's Saint (Suspense)

Hallucination Orbit (X minus 1) <Based on Bradbury's tale of astronauts falling to Earth. A very slow and scary fate.>


The Adaptive Ultimate (Escape) <Nature has a way of adapting to anything. Sometimes it's a power that's underestimated.>

Death Has a Cold Breath (Mysterious Traveler) <A man plots the perfect murder, but forgets one small detail...>


In Fear and Trembling (Suspense)

The Deadly Dummy (Inner Sanctum) <Another dummy that ain't so dumb story. Are their any ventriloquists who are sane?>


Murder Comes to Life (Inner Sanctum)

Stand In For Murder (The Whisperer)


Out of the Night (Inner Sanctum)

Surface Tension (X minus 1) <Neat tale about a microscopic water world, right in front of us!>


Will You Make A Bet With Death? (Suspense)

Terror Out of Space (Murder at Midnight) <When they bounce radar off the moon, it's a media sensation. But not all of it is good news.>


A Matter of Time (Proudly We Hail) <A good time travel tale, albeit way too serious!>

Pleasant Dreams Mr. Berkowitz (Mystery Playhouse) <Another one of our original tales, involving a time traveler who tries to escape the future. Unfortunately, this story had some production problems and isn't one of our best.>

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