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(Humorous hi jinx from Mystery Playhouse)

George Orwell wasn't the only one who gave us good reason to fear the year 1984. It was also the year the FCC let certain undesirables at the radio dials of WEGL. Those misfits would continue to assault ears and airways for years to come, from Coast to Coast, and through a variety of different media. Most (but not all) of those attacks were recorded or somehow preserved. Now you can listen and laugh at what others heard decades ago and wondered WTF?

This is just the start with a focus on the tapes and images from WEGL's infamous Gang of Four (Corry Smith, Spike Fullerton, Kurt Kuersteiner, and Lynn Worthington). But as more files are transferred, you'll also hear the Dr. Saleed Rhaman show, The Sunday Night Wrestling Report, The Allen Prell Show, and the always entertaining Tommy Smeltzer. So adjust your tin-foil hats to frequency 91 & 90.1 kilohertz and get ready to go forward into the past.

[2009 © Mystery Playhouse and Kurt Kuersteiner, who reserves copyright of these recordings--they should not be sold or copied without written permission.]


Unorthodox Ads

- Mystery Playhouse 91 parody promos -

[Where it all started, in the basement of Haley Center... within the Mad Labs of WEGL]

The punk program that rocked the status quo in the most conservative villiage on the plains.


Mass Media Madness

The Auburn Klansman & Jam-A-Thon Sci-fi Breaks

Short top-of-the-hour breaks designed to make a sleep deprived d.j. question his sanity, plus the fanzine that raised eyebrows (and more than a few concerns).

Go (Wild) West Young Man

- Mystery Playhouse Horror on KZSU -

When the show went West, the music stopped and the drama began...


The Stanford Chaparral years...

As if poluting the airwaves wasn't bad enough... How many trees died to produce this toilet paper rag?

Chappy Flexi Disk

And of course, The Stanford Chaparral flexi disc


And finally, the radio show that gets under everyone's skin...

Louder than Rush, more subtle than Colbert, they called him Papa--