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Allen Prell Jr., was assassinated in 1985 at the age of 40.

This site is dedicated to America's greatest right wing talk show legend. A man who stood up and railed against the mainstream media long before Rush Limbaugh was even a speck in his parent company's eye. For his years of dedicated service, was Prell promoted? Was he invited to the gallery of Congress to be pointed out by a President during the State of the Union speech? Was he advanced millions of dollars to write a book?

Of course not. That sort of treatment is reserved for LIBERALS! Instead, Allen was GUNNED DOWN! That's right, ASSASSINATED "Live" on the radio! And then, to add insult to fatal injury, the media buried it! Oh sure, when Berg (the liberal talk show host from Denver) got shot, there was a National Call To Arms. The FBI was ushered in to investigate, the media did another "America under siege by right wing extremists" hype-fest, and Hollywood responded with a major motion picture (Talk Radio- Oliver Stone's first film). But when Allen Prell, jr. got shot, there was nothing. Nothing but the ear shattering roar of silence!

Conspiracy? Judge for yourself...


These are the simple facts about Allen's short but influential career, followed by an EXCLUSIVE catalog of the few remaining tapes highlighting his brief by glorious career. Cassettes of his father and mentor, the revered Dr. "Papa" Prell, Sr. are also listed. But most the evidence of both these men's existence has been carefully erased by persons unknown.

But first, a WARNING: Just by visiting this page you place your life at GRAVE RISK. "They" have killed before to silence the voice of Allen Prell, and would gladly kill again to prevent others from learning the horrible truth. Don't be surprised if you receive a phone call late at night and the caller mysteriously hangs up. Nothing is beneath these people, NOTHING!

And now, the LIFE of Allen Prell, Jr.- Fearless Patriot. Loving Husband (until he divorced the bitch) and Proud Proclaimer of the Ugly, Unadulterated, hard to swallow TRUTH.

Ethan (Allen's identical twin) carries on in his late brother's footsteps.


Allen, Jr. was the son of Al and Judeth Prell, born April 20th, 1945 in Shreveport LA. Little is know about the man until he became the controversial host of the infamous ALLEN PRELL SHOW. The program first aired on small AM stations in the South during the early 1980s. Allen Jr. angered conservatives and liberals alike by rocking the boat on such issues as abortion, welfare, and taxes. His career climaxed on June 2nd, 1985 when he was assassinated during a live broadcast within the studios of WEGL Auburn, AL. Prell was 40 years of age. His assailants were never brought to justice.

Prell was survived by his younger brother, Fred, his long estranged twin brother, Ethan, and his father, Papa Prell. Both Ethan and Papa have continued to work in radio after Allen's death, but have recently dodged the public eye (probably the result of death threats).

Hear An Allen Prell Retrospective, Papa Prell's touching audio memorial to his dearly departed son. (It includes many of Allen's prophetic predictions, as well as his last Will & Testament!)

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Unfortunately, very few copies of Allen's live broadcasts survive today. However, several good retrospectives of Allen's work were completed by his father (Papa Prell) and are still available to Prell-philes. They are:

The Day America Wept - A Tribute to Allen's Assassination (A Highly recommended 15 min show).

Diary of a Madman - A radio portrait of a Prell-killer (15 min.)

Everything You Know Is LIES! - An Expose of Media attempts to portray Allen, Jr. as a womanizer (15 min.)

Another way to hear the voice of Allen from beyond the great beyond is to listen to his brother's show: The Ethan Prell Show. Ethan was Allen's twin who ran away at child birth but returned after Allen's death to claim his long lost brother's radio legacy (and legal estate). Ethan not only SOUNDS like Allen, but has identical opinions and insights. Copies of his show have also disappeared from circulation, but at least one has survived. The sound quality isn't the best, but the content is unmistakably Prellian. It features Ethan's famous problem letters and his popular "Win A Date with Ethan Prell" contest. A must have for Prell-philes!

The Ethan Prell Show (15 minutes).


Remembering Another Anti-Communist: Matt Cvetic!

Alas, America's great Light of Liberty was snuffed out like a candle in the wind, by dirty rotten reds! You may think the Red Menace is dead, but they're still ALIVE while ALLEN is dead, and all because he recognized they have taken over our school boards, the colleges, the Left Wing News media, and liberal Hollywood. They've been around for a long time, and won't go away until we shine the bright light of truth on their under-handed activities. (Then they scatter like roaches, but regroup once people forget what's at stake.) To show how they operate, here's over 60 episodes of on-line TRUE LIFE tales of another hero, an UNDERCOVER COMMUNIST, Matt Cvetic! Based on the real life testimony of undercover agent Matt Cvetic! And if you want to see how alive the commie-symps still are, just read the orchestrated smear campaign they've attempted on Cvetic 40 years after his death. You can sure tell a lot by how low a man's enemies go to get even....


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LINKS!Read about Allen's terrible murder (as reported by the Inquirer) by going here..To Visit Papa Prell's Official Web site, click here.

In Memory of Allen Prell, Jr. American Hero, Talk Show Legend1945 - 1985.

Like his radio show, his spirit floats towards the Heavens!