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As the storm troopers of political correctness march forward in lock step to trample free speech, it takes true Americans like Papa Prell to STAND UP and BE COUNTED! Long before Stephen Colbert or Mark Levine ever heard of each other, Prell was offending both sides of the political machine with his hard hitting, no holds barred, abrassive style. Many sacred cows were BBQed and served up hot each week. Although routinely fired and rehired, "Papa" (as he is affectionately known by his fans) kept returning to battle. He was a soldier for truth, and he paid his dues in full. His son, Allen Prell Jr., was killed live on the air in 1985. But "Papa" continues to carry on the Prell Family Crusade by calling 'em as he sees 'em, on those few radio stations that are brave enough to allow him on the air. (The show originally broadcast live from high above the Hoover Institution at KZSU, Stanford.)

If you were fortunate enough to live in a city that carried the Papa Prell Show live or transcribed, consider yourself lucky indeed! The mainstream media has done its best to erase any memory of Prell or his son's legacy. "Papa" is currently working undercover, but he keeps threatening to resurface and set the record straight. In the meantime, the Prell legacy lives on via the world wide web.

Most of the Prell series were live call-in shows between Prell and his audience discussing (arguing) various news topics. But Prell also featured three types of special programs: They were called Prell On The Prowl, Controversy Calling, and Prell Profiles shows. Here are some of his more famous examples:


(Special Reports w/ Papa Prell Investigating)

The Day America Wept- An report on Papa's famous son (Allen) who was gunned down by commies. (15 min) *

The Atomic Test Tape- A Shocking Documentary on the H-Bomb cover-up (11:41 min.) *

Aprell Fools Show- Papa pulls some unconventional on-air hi jinks (16:16 min) *

Wise Acres- A nostalgic recreation of Papa's first day on his (latest) job (15 min.) *

Senator Joe McCarthy- Profile of an unsung hero (20 min) *

A Prell Family Reunion Show - Most the Prell's are back for a live reunion call-in (15 min.)*

Diary of a Madman- A disturbing look inside the mind of the madman who silenced Allen Jr., the talk show legend. (15 min) *

Everything You Know Is LIES!- A revealing look at how the mainstream media routinely distorts the truth by showing how it smeared the legend of Allen Prell, Jr. *

The UFO Controversy- A complete expose on the EBE invasion!

Special two part show: Part I is 28 minutes (starts after 10 second delay) and Part II is 15 minutes (includes the complete John Lear UFO testimony recorded just before his death and subsequent replacement.) *

Prell Reruns Prell (15 min)*

An Allen Prell Retrospective (20 min)*


(One-on-one interviews with Papa Prell via Ma Bell)

Dr. Kevorkian, Suicide Physician (15 min) *

Ivan Stang, Cult Leader & High Weirdness Author (15 min)

William Gardener, of M.A.W.L. ( Men Against Women's Lib) (15 min)

SCAM Organization, Central Un-American Activists (15 min) *

INFECT Anti-American Activist Organization/ Corporate Boycotters (15 min)

Pet Cemetery Director Interview (15 min.)*

Life Extension Foundation (Cyronic Suspension Co.) (15 min.)


(Prell has fun w/ famous celebs one-on-one in the studio):

Poor Old Ernest, brain ray machine victim (15 min)

Richard Nixon, President (15 min) *

Chuck Yeager, Test Pilot (15 min)*

Mr. Mineral, Rock Expert (15 min) *

Gary Gygax, Dungeons & Dragons role-game inventor (15 min) *

Kurt Vonnegut, Sci-fi Writer (15 min)

John Green, Psychic (15 min)

Prell Profiles Himself (15 min)


(Various Prell ads & Public Service Announcements)

Prell on Drugs (:45)

Prell on Voting (:50)

Prell on the Library (:60)

Old Radio Prell Ad (:50) *

Ed's Controversy Ad (:50)

Ethan's Endorsement Ad (:45)

The Topics Say It All (:60)

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Please note, Allen (with an "e") is not to be confused with Allan Prell, the renowned liberal talk show host who wrote some hilarious books!

Remembering another famous Anti-Communist: Matt Cvetic!

Complete with over 60 half hour shows telling many of the true life tales about how one man infiltrated the Reds and helped bring them crashing down!

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