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Those Dirty Rotten Commies!

Hear the REAL LIFE story of Matt Cvetic, undercover commie for the FBI. While all the liberals say the McCarthy era was just a witch hunt, Matt proves the Red Menace was really just that// a MENACE! These are his stories, many based on actual events! Don't let the liberal mass/media revisionists and NEA controlled Union school teachers fool you: The commies are still here, brainwashing our kids and taking over the USA through underhanded means... only now they're ABOVE ground! The call themselves "progressives", "Liberals", "Socialists", and many other euphemisms-- but they want the same thing the Reds always wanted: To blame America for all the world's problems, reduce our foreign influence, weaken our military, redistribute our wealth, hamstring our economy, overtax our citizens, socialize our industries (like healthcare, which is 1/7th of our economy), turn the nations we saved in previous wars and gave millions in foreign aid against us. In short, to do all they can to hurt America. ALLEN PRELL FOUND OUT THE HARD WAY. Don't let the same thing happen to you. Listen... and learn!

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*= Includes schemes still used today to further commie/ socialist/ anti-American causes.

1 I Walk Alone (4/23/1952) Matt is told to memorize a list of various communist contacts. but when he has difficulty returning the list on short notice, his commie superiors become suspicious and contrive an elaborate "test".
2 I Can't Sleep (4/30/52) Matt is haunted by the realization that he talks in his sleep, and his new roommate is a commie who likes to tape everything while he sleeps!
3* The Little Red School House (5/07/1952) The commies love to hide under icons of American patriotism, and that includes colleges. Matt is assigned to exploit liberal teachers and progressive student agitators for the commie cause.
4 The Red Red Herring (5/1952) Matt is accused of being and informant and must devise a way to frame a fellow commie or suffer dramatic consequences.
5 The Pit Viper (5/21/1952) The Commies order Matt to a miner's town to prolong their strike by creating bloody riots.
6 Traitors for Hire (5/28/1952) A French communist MDV agent arrives at Matt's employment office, wanting him to place other commies in war plants... or else!
7 Card Game in the Clouds (6/04/1952) Matt and a female commie are hired to carry a special briefcase on to another agent, but when the case is "lost", Matt realizes he could be lined up for as the fall guy.
8 American Kremlin (6/11/1952) Matt witnesses the aftermath of a brutal commie murder, and then is sent to replace the victim to help infiltrate the waterfront Union.
9 Tight Wire (6/18/1952) Matt is urged to install a wire at an upcoming cell meeting, but the commies give him a helper to watch his every move, and he suspects Matt of being FBI.
10 A Riot Made to Order (6/25/1952) Matt is assigned the fun task of starting a riot against the communists to garner sympathy for the party... even if it kills some of his so called comrades.
11* Where the Red Men Roam (7/02/1952) Matt is sent to incite a riot at a piano concert, but this time he ready to quit... until a beautiful comrade is sent to accompany him.
12 The Dangerous Dollars (7/09/1952) Matt is sent to a vaction resort to discover who a mysterious MDVagent is and what he is doing with all the communist contributions given to "agent 43".
13 Violence Preferred (9/10/1952) The communists decide to destroy all their records to prevent the FBI from knowing their plans of treason, but Matt is sent to stop them.
14 No Second Chance (11/05/1952) Matt is sent to "exterminate a termite (traitor)" in Los Angeles, but during the trip, he has to wonder... what if he is the target?
15 The Red Gate (11/12/1952) Based on a true incident, this story exposes a red plot to sneak enemy agents into the USA from the Mexican border as wet backs... just another reminder why (in a time of terrorism) it's important to control illegal immigration.
16 Red Rover Red Rover (11/19/1952) Based on an actual incident, Matt is whisked away by two mysterious high society comrades who want him to go to Canada and engage in a little bit of neighborly espionage.
17* Home Improvements (11/26/1952) Commies figure a perfect plan to control public housing in order to influence votes for left-wing politicians.
18 Treason Comes in Cans (12/17/1952) Based on an actual communist plot involving Cvetic, this tale tells how the communists tried to sneak in spy materials using canned goods.
19 Flames Burn Red (12/24/1952) Commies devise a scheme to make lumber jacks hate management, even if it mean sacrificing a few lives to do it.
20 Hate Song (12/31/1952) The reds use Matt to infiltrate a Boys Club and help pollute the minds of youngsters with communists propaganda.

21 Little Boy Blue Turned Red (1/07/1953) Matt thinks he's been compromised and finally decides to tell him mother he wasn't a commie traitor after all, but a patriotic American spying on Commies for the FBI. The decision almost costs him his life.
22 Red Gold (1/14/1953) Matt it tossed in the middle of plot to steal millions for the Reds, but gets double crossed and discovers the communists think Matt is the guilty one. How can he save himself and prevent the Reds from getting the money?
23* Capitol City Square Dance (1/21/1953) Matt is assigned to lobby for the passing of a "civil rights bill" which is really supposed to make it tough to oust commies from the work force. Can he stop it without compromising his position?
24 A Study in Oils (1/28/1953) The commies tell Matt to defraud a nice old couple who have run into serious oil money. He feels like a real heel, but for the good of America, he'll have to play along...
25 The Sleeper (2/04/1953) Matt is assigned to bring a sleeper commie agent back into service to convince a congressman to stop red-baiting. She should be able be able to do it, because the target is her husband!
26 Against the Middle (2/11/1953) The communists are determined to wipe out immigrants who are sending money back home to fight the Red Menace. Matt is sent to infiltrate such a group and end its activities.
27 Black Gospel (2/18/1953) Matt is blackmailed by a mad revolutionary even more insane than the commies, a fanatic out to destroy the world!
28* Red Ladies (2/25/1953) Reds infiltrate various women's political groups and use them to pressure the government to negotiate what the communists want: "Peace at any price".
29 One Way Ticket (3/04/1953) Matt is ordered to take the place of a commie scheduled for deportation... something that would bring his FBI service to an end!
30 Word Game (3/11/1953) Matt is forced to help commies blackmail a judge who is sitting on a case involving five fellow "comrades".
31 The Red Waves (3/18/1953) Matt is pulled into a plot to exploit personal information about servicemen to help the red cause.
32 Trial by Fear (3/25/1953) Matt is introduced to a comrade in charge of the trials and executions of so-called traitors to The Red Cause. Is Matt their next victim?
33 The Brass Monkey (4/08/1953) The commies devise a plan to recruit ex-cons to work for their cause.
34 Forged Faces (4/15/1953) Matt meets a mysterious woman in a black veil, and uncovers a strange plot of lies and betrayals.
35 The Canadian Backbone (5/20/1953) Matt is told his life depends on delivering secret money to Commie Saboteurs. How can he accomplish his Red mission while thwarting it at the same time?
36 The Crossed Heart (6/03/1953) Matt is assigned to help a little old lady run a loney heart's club, only to discover the old bitty is a red who uses the club as a communist cover!
37 The Red Octopus (6/10/1953) Matt is told to help a Union Thug shake down water front shippers for goods, but to also spy on him. He discovers that this communist likes collecting capital... and getting rid of his enemies!
38 Abby As in Abigail (6/17/1953) The commies want help whitewashing the reputation of one of their "peace for America" front organizations, and it's up to Matt to help them try without really succeeding.
39 Double Exposure (7/15/1953) Commies forge government papers to make Matt a customs agent, and assign him the task of intercepting photographs of Russian political prisoners.
40 The Line Is Busy (7/29/1953) Matt is teamed up with a commie who plans on taping the phone of a nuclear scientist for info on our top secret weapons.

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41 1953/05/27 The Innocent Club Yeah, them commie symps are still using the same tricks today. Here, they set up a protest group to demand justice for some patsy they framed, all so they can shake down the idle rich for contributions and complain about how unfair our justice system is. What a piece of work!

Read about Matt Cvetic from a friend who knew him personally (written in 2002).

Read the Bio of Matt Cvetic from the I WAS A COMMUNIST FOR THE FBI webpage. (note: These two links may be broken for a while, check back later!)

Read more articles about Matt Cvetic . (note: This link may be broken for a while, check back later!)

Read an article about a revealing book on Cvetic by R.E. Payne.

Here's Matt's Obit from Time Magazine, Aug 2, 1962:

Died. Matthew Cvetic, 53, who from 1941 to 1950 led a double life as Communist conspirator and FBI counterspy; of a heart attack; in Hollywood. Losing friends and distressing his family, Cvetic organized cells in Western Pennsylvania, attended more than 2,000 party meetings and joined some 75 Communist/front groups. His testimony later led to the Smith Act conviction of Steve Nelson, union leader and top Communist organizer in Pittsburgh, as well as to a career as author and movie subject (I Was a Communist for the F.B.I.).

Dana Andrews played the undercover Matt Cvetic in the Radio series.

MORE RED RADIO! All the remaining shows courtesy of a fellow traveler, (Played in Quicktime Mp3, but they will only play while you remain on that page.)


Little_Red_School_House (1952, exact date uncertain.) It was the first script recorded for the show. This was later re/recorded with a few minor changes. Can you spot them?

* Rich_Man_Poor_Man (7/16/52) A clever plot is hatched to exploit a rich publisher of a liberal newspaper, and to keep pushing him further left until he's a "fellow traveler".

Canadian_Crossfire (7/23/52) Matt is sent to Canada on Red assignment, where he uncovers a plot that endangers both countries defenses!

* Draw_the_Red_Curtain (7/30/52) Matt reveals how the Reds successfully scheme to take over Unions by manipulating the voting process!

Red_Clouds_on_the_Good_Earth (8/06/52) Matt is asigned to sway farmers toward Commie causes, and to try to brainwash the kids first.

Exit_on_the_Left (8/13/52) Matt watches as his "comrades" terrorize an older communist who tries to leave the party, then discovers that he can also get the same psychological torment directed as him as well!

The_Red_Record (8/20/52) Matt sent to help a commie find a "black book" hidden by a dead agent somewhere at his girl friend's place. The new boss tells Matt that if he can't find the book, he could wind up dead...

Burnt_Offering (8/27/52) A special MDV agent is sent to smuggle some top secret plans out of the USA, and only Matt can stop him... or can he? The Red concocts a plot that even the FBI can't legally interfer with!

Squeeze_Play (9/03/52) Commies plot on how to trick the public by defending a well known criminal and claiming he's been set up because he's a liberal. Matt's job: Foil them!

The_Rat_Race (9/17/52) A communist boss jumps bail to escape trial, and Matt is assigned by Reds to help smuggle him out of the country. The FBI has different ideas!

Jump_to_the_Whip (9/24/52) Matt is teamed up with a ruthless commie agent to shake down a millionair who joined the party, but then tried to leave it.

Pennies_from_the_Dead (10/01/52)

ASuit For The Party (10/08/52)

The_Party_Got_Rough (10/15/52)

Little_Boy_Red (10/22/52)

The_Unwelcome_Hosts (10/29/52)

Red_Clay (12/03/52) Matt encounters a plot to convert high school students into communists.

The_Kiss_of_Death (12/10/52) The Party devises a plot to get rid of a conservative Senator who is making life hard for Communists.

TheWrongGreen (4/01/53) Matt is given $2,000.00 by the party and told to spend it at a plush hotel. The only problem is, the money is counterfeit!

The_UnAmerican_Activity (5/06/53)

My_Friend_the_Enemy (5/13/53)

The_Innocent_Club (5/27/53)

Tour_of_Duty (6/24/53)

Fifteen_Minutes_to_Murder (7/01/53) When the doctor tells Matt he has high blood pressure, the commies "give him a rest" by assigning him to help murder an FBI agent! (Based on a true Cvetic incident!)

Use_Only_as_Directed (7/08/53) The commies attempt to sabotage the development of a new miracle drug by having Matt assist an undercover Red working inside the research facility.

Courter_of_Disaster (7/22/53) Matt is sent to deliver a package with microfilm, but with the "help" of a very aggressive commie companion.

The_Line_is_Busy (7/29/53 - Also available in the other WAVE file) Matt is teamed up with a commie who plans on taping the phone of a nuclear scientist for info on our top secret weapons.

The_Red_Snow (8/05/53) The Reds concentrate on increasing their "green" buy selling white powder. Matt is ordered to help the commies infiltrate and break into the drug trade.

Very_Private_Funeral (8/12/53) A brilliant scientist is ordered by the commies to help sabotage an important government computer, and Matt is assigned to help him carry out the assignment.

Rhapsody_in_Red (8/19/53) Matt is told to mount public pressure to allow a former communist musician into the USA for concert, but if the man has left the party, why do the Reds want him in?

Kangaroo_Court (8/26/53) Matt's worst fear is realized: The commies are looking for a traitor and they've hooked him up to a lie detector machine!

An_Inhuman_Element (9/02/53) A commie sympathizing reporter is sent to interview a Red rebel in Asia who's identity is sought by the FBI. Can Matt help expose who the man really is?

Panic Plan (not uploaded yet) An unknown woman is put in charge of the local party to orchestrate a commie plot that imperils the city's water supply.

No Visitors (not uploaded yet) Matt is given a special assignment: To infiltrate a hospital staff so that he can kill a patient who is in intensive care!

For a good read about this unsung American hero, read "I Was A Communist for the FBI: Matt Cvetic- The true life and times of undercover agent Matt Cvetic" by R.E. Gus Payne.

"I Was A Communist for the FBI is the movie that resulted from Cvetic's newfound fame, starring Frank Lovejoy as Matt Cvetic. A radio show featuring Dana Andrews as Cvetic ran from April 23, 1952 until October 14, 1953. The show had an incredible budget of $12,000 a week, an amount unheard of to produce a radio show during that period. The show always ended with Andrews as Cvetic saying, 'I am a Communist for the FBI, I walk alone...'"
(Page 13 of Payne's book.)

For more from this book and how Hollywood & the liberal media helped the Communist Party and their Socialist cousins gain a foothold in the USA, check out this excerpt .

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