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(Humorous hijinx from Spike and Joe Mama)

Mystery Playhouse 91 first aired on FM 91 in 1983. It was the second punk radio program to air on WEGL Auburn. (The first was called Studio X, hosted by Chris 1 and Chris 2, circa 1981-1982). The Mystery Playhouse hosts were Rick "Spike" Fullerton, and Joe Mama (Kurt Kuersteiner). When the two graduated, the series was continued by Eric Wagner, Ken Sanderson, and various other DJs for nearly two decades.

Although punk music was the main ingredient, original comedy sketches were also a part of the Mystery Playhouse 91 series during the early years. Every show began with a comedy segment that lead into the otherwise generic grant announcement. Other weekly comedy segments were also added, including the humorous Dr. Saleed Rhaman show, The Sunday Night Wrestling Report, and The Allen Prell Show. Mystery Playhouse commercials were comedy oriented because they played during "safe harbor" times in the day (and punk music was considered too offensive by many conservative Alabama listeners).

At the end of each year, requests for tapes of the ads and various segments resulted in several cassette tape compilation collections. Here are many of those comedy bits, only converted from analog to mp3 downloads. Although they are copyright protected and should not be sold or duplicated, you can enjoy them here at no charge. All these recordings were made at WEGL, Auburn University.

[2009 © Mystery Playhouse and Kurt Kuersteiner, all rights reserved. There is no permission granted for copying or reselling this materail without a written release.]

Holy Headphones! WEGL goes BATTY!

Batman Demonstration at WEGL

- Mystery Playhouse parody promos -

[These half-hour radio dramas showcase our most requested parodies.]

Joe Mama Goes to Heaven for a thirty-three minute visit (33:30)

Joe Mama Goes to Hell aka: Psycho 3-N-1-D (33:00)

- A la Carte Ads -

[The remaining promos never got a connecting storyline and were packaged seperately.]

It's Superman! (:50)

Love of Chair (:45)

Mikey Likes It (:45)

The Song That Doesn't Belong (:45)

Gestapo Interrogation (:40)

The Mystery Playhouse Zone (:45)

The Mello Playhouse Show (:40)

The Hose Heads (:35)

Telling Off The Boss (:50)

Say No More! (:45)

Dog Food Dinner (:45)

The Family Elevator (:60)

E.F. Hutton spoof (:25)

Preparation Playhouse (:35)

WEGL Sign Off announcement (:38)

To the cast credits of specific promos, read the outer edge of the following flyer.

The Oddball Intros...

Batmen At WEGL

- Various comedic show intros -

Circa (1982-84) Featuring Corry Smith, Laen August, and Kurt Kuersteiner. Includes grant announcements.

Push Your Luck game show (2:00)

The Mad Lab (2:10)

Mission to Mars Landing (5:15)

General Patton Intro (2:48)

Spiderman Kid's record (4:12)

- POST 1990s -

Featuring Ken Sanderson, Kurt Kuersteiner, and Laen August. Includes punk music cuts.

The Quack Dentist (9:05)

The 700 Club Interview (6:30)

A Visitor from Hollywood (7:00)

Halloween show intro (7:40)

Debate for Dictator (7:45)

A Visit to the Shrink (6:08)

A Visit with Adolf (7:55)

A Religious Experience (4:15)

A Father & Son Chat (4:08)

Article on Mytery Playhouse 91 (page 1 and page 2)


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WEGL Batman article - Allen Prell Shot

Two memorable media events: The Batman petition drive at Haley Center with WEGL staff and listeners, and the assassination of Allen Prell on WEGL.

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